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Amazon To Launch Air Cargo Service In India Amid Cost Cutting In Operations

Amazon To Launch Air Cargo Service In India Amid Cost Cutting In Operations

On Monday, January 23rd, 2023, Amazon announced air cargo services in India. The e-commerce giant is going to use two Boeing 737-800 aircraft. These aircraft are flown by Quikjet Cargo Airlines and will be used to ship goods between Hyderabad, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Mumbai. These aircraft will carry and deliver thousands of packages every day to metro city fulfillment centers helping Amazon deliver packages faster from warehouses to last-mile deliveries.

Vice president of Amazon Global Air, Sarah Rhoads, said in a statement that Amazon Air will offer faster deliveries in India. The launch came amid CEO Andy Jassy’s reviewing the expenses of the company. In the previous week, Amazon started the latest phase of the biggest layoff in the history of the company. The layoff might result in more than 18 thousand employees being expelled.

Jassy has taken several steps to slash the operational cost in the company including freezing hiring across all the Amazon offices in the world, shutting down some projects, and halting the expansion of warehouses. Despite trimming expenses, Jassy said previously that the company will keep investing in its stores, cloud-computing, advertisement, and other sectors along with seeking opportunities for future benefits.

Amazon Air came into existence in 2016, outsourcing operations from several cargo airlines. Their own air cargo service allowed the company to have control over the cost and speed of the deliveries. With the help of air shipping, Amazon managed to bring down two-day deliveries to one-day and same-day deliveries in the United States. Amazon Air was first launched in the United States and later expanded to European countries. India is the third market in the world and the first in Asia to receive Amazon Air service.

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