Arrival of L.A.’s Finest season 2 confirmed!! Know when will you be able to stream season on Netflix

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In the early 2021, Netflix US surprised its users with the L.A.’s Finest and the show immediately made it in the top 10. It continued to remain in the top 10 for a total of 26 days in the US, whereas, Canada lovingly kept it in the top 10 for 2 weeks. 

Arrival of L.A.’s Finest in the US

The show’s first season was first seen on the Spectrum originals in May and June of 2019. The airing of season 2 was truly delayed due to the #blacklivesmatter protests and the next season aired over a year later. Thereafter in 2021, it surprisingly dropped on Netflix and was loved by the audience. 

When will the L.A.’s Finest season 2 join Netflix? 

The rumours whispered that season 2 will come around in January 2022, but it wasn’t true. L.A.’s  Finest season 2 will be added much sooner to the Netflix US, i.e., on 9th of June, 2021. 

Can we expect a season 3rd for L.A.’s Finest? 

If case you loved the show, there’s no merry announcement waiting for you. Sadly, spectrum originals cancelled the 3rd season soon after the release of the 2nd season. Why was the show cancelled though? 

Viewers undoubtedly loved the show but the concept of spectrum originals seems to be failing. There are no recently announced shows and for the same reason, L.A.’s Finest could have kissed a goodbye after the end of season 2. 

It is quite improbable, but if Netflix notices a high number for the show, it could ask Sony Picture Television to resuscitate the show. 

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