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Ayaan Hashmi: Know About This Indian Celebrity Child

Ayaan Hashmi: Know About This Indian Celebrity Child

Who is Ayaan Hashmi

Bollywood superstar Emraan Hashmi has a son named Ayaan Hashmi. He entered the world on February 3, 2010, in the Indian city of Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Ayaan Hashmi was born and raised in Mumbai in the Indian state of Maharashtra. . He came into the world with a Christian mother and a Muslim father. Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi and his wife, Parveen Shahani, are the parents of this young man.

As his parents only had one child, he does not have any other brothers or sisters. His sleek black hair and piercing black eyes give him a dashing appearance. Ayaan Hashmi, the son of actor Emraan Hashmi, was just four years old when he was told he had cancer. His cancer has been eradicated, and at the age of 10, he may now live everyday life.

Ayaan Hashmi biography

In January 2020, the actor tweeted his happiness for his son’s recovery. Actor Emraan Hashmi is a devoted parent. On January 15, 2021, Emraan posted two photos of him and his son Ayaan Hashmi visiting the enchanted dark rooms on his Instagram. The first photo was a selfie taken by Emraan, while the second showed his son Ayaan sitting front and center, giving the victory sign to the camera.

Emraan had accompanied the photos with the message, “Back to those amazing dark chambers called theaters #backtothetheatres.” Ayaan spoke about his experience overcoming cancer at a World Cancer Day event hosted by the Nargis Dutt charity.

He then explained how his life had been altered by cancer treatment but how he had emerged from it more robustly. The sweetness of his words and his genuine nature come from his youth.

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Ayaan Hashmi Family

Ayaan Hashmi is an Indian Celebrity Child. As the son of Emraan Hashmi, a famous actor in Bollywood, and Parveen Shahani, a renowned model, he has a lot to live up to.

He was born to Syed Anwar Hashmi and Maheraah Hashmi, making him their grandchild. At age 4, he was given a cancer diagnosis in 2014. When he was examined in 2019, he was found to be cancer-free after five years.

Born on March 24, 1979, Emraan Hashmi is a well-known actor in Bollywood. Hashmi is obligated to pay for three movie tickets at once. Hashmi was an assistant director of the horror film Raaz before she embarked on a career in acting (2002).

Over the same decade, he starred in a string of critically acclaimed romantic thrillers and feature films—including Murder (2005), Zeher (2005), Aashiq Banaya Aapne (2005), Kalyug (2005), Aksar (2006), and Gangster (2006)—that propelled him to the top of the Bollywood A-list (2006).

Ayaan Hashmi: Know About This Indian Celebrity Child

Emraan Hashmi is a well-known Indian actor whose film roles include prominent roles in Aashiq banaya aapne, Zeher, and Murder. The term “Bollywood’s periodic kisser” was previously applied to him. Emraan Hassan is one of India’s rarest actors, and he’s been nominated for three Filmfare Awards.

Hashmi’s career in the film industry began in 2002 when she was hired as an assistant director on the film Raaz. In 2004, he starred in a string of critically acclaimed films that established him as a significant screen presence, including Zeher, Murder, Aashiq banaya Apane, Kalyug, Gangster, and Aksar. His soundtracks have done far more than only succeed at the box office, and he was paid 50 percent of the film’s gross.

Emraan Hashmi comes from a prominent Muslim family and is a practicing member of the Shia faith. His famous businessman and actor dad’s name is Anwar Hashmi. Maharajah Hashmi, his son’s mother, was a famous actress who died of cancer in 2016. Similar to Mahesh Bhatt, he is a cousin (Helmed & Producer).

Emraan Hashmi and Parveen Shahani were engaged in 2006 after a six-year relationship. Aayan Hashmi, their lone son, is twelve years old.

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Here are some little-known tidbits about the talented Ayaan Hashmi:

  • Is it true that Ayaan Hashmi smokes? Not Known
  • Ayaan Hashmi drinks? No Information Available
  • He grew up in the Indian city of Mumbai, in Maharashtra.
  • His paternal grandfather was a devout Muslim, whereas his maternal grandmother was a devout Christian.
  • He is famous for being the offspring of Bollywood actors Emraan Hashmi and Parveen Shahani.
  • To begin, he is the grandson of Syed Anwar Hashmi and Maheraah Hashmi.
  • The four-year-old was given the news that he had cancer in its early stages in 2014.
  • After five years, his cancer was finally certified to be gone in 2019.
  • The book “The Kiss of Life: How A Superhero and My Son Defeated Cancer” was written by Emraan Hashmi and his father.
  • When he’s with his dad, he has a lot of fun.
  • His mother, Parveen Shahani, is less popular with him than his father.


In the five years since his initial cancer diagnosis, actor Emraan Hashmi’s son Ayaan, has been pronounced cancer-free. On January 14, the actor took to social media to break the news to his followers.