Bigg Boss 16: Sreejita De’s fiance slams Tina Datta, Takes a Dig at Show Makers for Invading Privacy

Bigg Boss 16: Sreejita De’s fiancé slams Tina Datta, Takes a Dig at Show Makers for Invading Privacy

Micheal Blohm-Pape, Sreejita De’s fiance got angry over Tina Datta and show makers for revealing their home address.

Sreejita De’s fiance angrily tweeted and slammed television actress Tina Datta and Bigg Boss 16 makers for their carelessness. Micheal BP takes a dig over the show makers for revealing their address on national television.

All the bedlam started when Tina Datta was talking to Vikas about her relationship with Sreejita De. Tina claimed that Sreejita changed her behavior inside the Bigg Boss house, attaining a different personality outside.

Tina continued that their mothers are best friends and often visit each other. While having a chit-chat, Uttaran actress Tina accidentally revealed the name of the society where Sreejita resides. The matter escalated when their conversation was aired on national TV without cuts and beeps. 

As Bigg Boss 16 is progressing, the atmosphere in the house is getting tense, with housemates resorting to hooliganism, verbal abuse, backbiting, and a lot more. All bad words and bad manners either don’t make it to the final cut or are bleeped out.

But the conversation between Tina Dutta and Vikas Manaktala was broadcast with beeping. This enraged Sreejita De’s fiancé and he expressed his disappointment by tweeting. Michael BP upbraided the channel and show makers for invading privacy. He also chastised Tina Datta for her carelessness.

Questioning the makers of the show, he tweeted that if cursing can be beeped then why aren’t safety and privacy important enough? There has been no response from the channel and the show makers up until now. 

Bigg Boss 16 has been given a four-week extension due to the reality show’s high TRP. The conversation and fights among contestants frequently spark controversies on the reality show.

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