Dave Chappelle Is All Ready To Meet With The Transgender Community Under Some Conditions

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Dave Chappelle has recently denied all the claims that he has declined to speak up with the Netflix transgender employees regarding all the comments that were made by him in The Closer. He said that he is very much aware of the outcry and he’s now ready for a meeting. He is very much ready for the meeting under some conditions and the conditions include those who participate should watch his special in full.

As per the updates, Dave Chappelle has recently posted a video on Instagram on Monday. He addresses the situation while seated at center stage. It has been said in the press that I was invited to speak to the transgender employees of Netflix and I refused all this. But Chappelle has said that this is not true during the 5-minute clip. He holds a drink and cheers from the crowd. If they invited me for a meeting then definitely I would have said yes and accepted it. Although I am very much confused about the things that we would be speaking about. He also says that I said what I have said and I also heard what you have said. In addition, he said that everyone wanted a safe environment in the office of Netflix. So, I don’t think that I would be the only one to go to the office.

Dave Chappelle directly visited to meet the transgender community and has said that he’

Dave Chappelle Is All Ready To Meet With The Transgender Community Under Some Conditions

s willing to give them an audience but you should not summon me. There are some conditions that are offered by him for the meeting. He says I am not bending to anyone’s demand because there are some certain conditions that I need you to follow. Firstly, you cannot come if you haven’t watched my special from the beginning to the end. You might come to the place of choice and time of my choice and lastly, you need to admit that Hannah Gadsby is not funny.


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Meanwhile, Dave Chappelle is all ready to meet the transgender community but with all the conditions.

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