Eight Innovative Ways to Buy Cars in 2021

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Buying your first car in 2021? Here are some of the most innovative ways to buy a car without wasting a lot of money.

But first… a little intro about why these ways are so important for you. Most UK citizens don’t even know that they are £3,000 in debt when they roll over from their first car to the second car. Why?

Because of several factors, including bad negotiations, buying add-ons they never used, buying extended warranties they could have bought for cheaper, and not using their trade-ins and discounts when needed.

All these ways are not financially savvy, and they are nowhere going to make you rich any sooner. They are like leaking buckets that will always drain down your accounts without you even knowing.

That said, let’s learn about the most innovative ways to buy cars in 2021 to save more money.

1. Pre Financing Options for Cars

Always look for pre-financing options before you set your foot in the car dealership or showroom. Why?

Because if you have not researched car financing rates before searching for cars, then you are doomed to fail. Car dealers will hook you up with an inflated interest rate that will put more pressure on your pocket down the lane.

They may even ask a financial expert to help you find interest rates, and the financial expert will say that the money won’t cost a lot annually. Don’t listen to them for a second. Do your own research by looking at what the banks are offering first. Most banks offer way less interest on car loans than on car dealerships.

Once you have car financing rates available, you can discuss a discount from the car dealers. They will be willing to come to a price that suits you. This is how you bargain for a car price.

2. Buy with Cryptocurrency

Why do I always emphasize so much on cryptocurrencies? Because they are volatile and cost you less. How? BTC rates are around $40,000. A few weeks ago, if you had bought crypto when it was in its $30,000s, you could easily buy a car. You could get a better deal by using cryptocurrency and

Think about it this way. You invested $20,000 in bitcoins. This was the amount that you had put separately for buying a car. Now bitcoin prices rose by 20%, which means your BTC is now worth $25,000.

Now, you can pay for the car price + insurance cost + additional warranties +  add-ons. Sweet right?

You can even decide to buy a cheaper car for $15,000 only and leave the rest in bitcoin for further growth in the long term. Now you have a car and some BTC for future investment. This is how you should look at buying cars in 2021.

3. Don’t Buy Add-Ons

Let’s say you have brought down the car price through negotiations to $18,000 from $22,000. Now the car dealership will try to sell you add-ons. Most people think that these add-ons are compulsory. But they are not!

In fact, you can buy cars even cheaper if you ask the dealers to remove all that is not compulsory with the car price.

Add-ons can cost you $2,000 to $4,000 easily. Why pay so much money just on car maintenance, tires replacement, and other minor repairs? And, this add-on service is just for a single year. Do you even need to pay this much for something that you may not even get in the first place?

Make sure to ask the dealership what value they are offering you before you make a final decision. After all, this is the hard-earned money that we are talking about.

4. Don’t Tell Too Much to Car Dealers

Car dealers are not your friends. Just keep this in mind when you talk to any one of them. They are just salesmen trying to make some profit. So, make sure to not tell them all the details because they can use that against you.

When you enter a dealership store, start with the budget. Tell them about your budget and ask them to show you cars that fall in that budget.

Once you like a car, ask about the total cost and then negotiate on it. You don’t have to tell them about the trade-ins or the discounts that you already have from your credit card points.

5. Don’t Go for Long-term Loans

If you have already researched well before deciding, you will know about the banks’ prices. In this scenario, the car dealers would try to sell you extended loans for buying the car. Usually, these car loans have a higher interest rate, which will lead to more money going out of your pocket in the long term. Not to forget, you will be paying the car premium for a long-time. This is a mistake that most individuals make when they go to buy a new car. Long-term interest loans are always a bad idea, and you should never opt for them.

6. Always Test Drive the Cars

This is crucial for buying used cars.

When you go to the dealership, always check the car’s interior and exterior. But make sure to drive the car on a highway or a long road where you can test its performance to the maximum. In most cases, the cars are tuned by the car dealers to look good in small test drives. The actual wear and tear of the car only show up when you drive it at its maximum performance on a long road – usually a highway.

If the car dealership doesn’t allow you to take the car on the highway, you know what to do… walkout.

7. Look for Options Online

There are many options available online for buying a car in 2021. You don’t even have to visit a car dealership because, in most cases, you can get decent discounts on your car purchase online. Various stores offer purchasing car online like Auto coin cars.

Whether you buy a used car UK through a platform or a car dealership, always ask them how much discount they can offer you. Do the same with other car dealerships, and compare the total savings that you will be making. Now go with the one that offers the lowest price and the best options for your car purchase.

You don’t always have to go with the cheapest options. Choose those that are offering the most value. This can be better insurance, better interest rates, more value additions in add-ons, or anything else you will need in the long term.

8. Factor in Insurance Costs

Last but not least, most car dealers will get more money out of your pocket in terms of insurance plans. So, the thing here is: You don’t have to buy insurance from your car dealer. You can buy it from any other insurance company.

The best way to go about it is to take insurance quotes from different companies before you set your foot in the dealer’s place. This way, you will be prepared about what is the lowest quote you should get.

Bargain on the actual cost of the car and exclude the insurance from it. Once you have that settled, ask them what insurance plan they are offering. If they are not offering a decent insurance plan, switch to an external insurance company.

This way, your car will cost you a lesser amount, and you won’t have to pay a lot of premium for your car’s insurance.


These are some of the most innovative ways to buy cars in 2021.

Our recommendation is to always bargain and look for options because that is the only way to buy a car cheaply while saving money on various post-car expenses.

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