Eric Dane Talks About His 'Euphoria' Unraveling

Eric Dane Talks About His ‘Euphoria’ Unraveling

The second season of HBO’s popular high-school drama Euphoria has spent some time diving inside the head of Eric Dane’s Cal Jacobs, one of the show’s adult — and most vile — characters.

The third and fourth episodes of the Sam Levinson series, the latter of which aired Sunday night, show how Cal’s history is still very much present. Euphoria travels back in time to portray a gay love tale as Cal’s life becomes increasingly linked with that of his wayward son, Nate (Jacob Elordi).

Euphoria Loves To Be With His Friends

“He spent every day with his closest buddy, Derek,” Zendaya’s Rue narrates Cal’s high-school experience in episode three. Ruminations: Big and Little Bullies.” Cal (Elias Kacavas) and Derek (Henry Eikenberry) were wrestling teammates and spent much of their time together. Cal is seen longing over Derek, even after meeting a young Marsha (Rebecca Louise). Who would become his wife, but he hides his affections from his disapproving and stern father.

He and Derek celebrate graduation night in a gay club outside of town. Where they share a dance and their first kiss. Cal is unable to fully appreciate the delight of finally being with Derek. When he receives a call from Marsha informing him that she is pregnant.

“There are reasons and conditions to what made Cal, Cal,” Dane tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I think viewing episode three gives you a lot of insight. As to how he got who he became.” “It doesn’t cover everything. I believe that at a certain age, we are accountable for our own trash and that it is our responsibility to do so. Things can no longer be blamed on us.

Eric Dane Talks About His 'Euphoria' Unraveling

Endless Emotions Packed Together

“You’re not going to think to yourself, ‘Oh, Cal, such a nice person.’ “I understand why he does what he does, and it’s understandable,” Dane explains. “However, there is some information to help the spectator comprehend.” I don’t agree with his actions. I am not in favour of his actions. But then then, I’m not one to pass judgement.”

Euphoria delves on how Dane’s Cal is still suffering with the fallout of losing Derek. And having to deny who he is in his adult life in Sunday’s episode. He ultimately breaks down as the strain gets too much for him. He returns to the pub where he and Derek spent their graduation night, gets wasted, and dances with another man on the same floor, but