For Acquiring VSCO, Pinterest Is Apparently In Talks

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Pinterest is a visual discovery engine that helps people to find ideas like recipes, home decoration, garden hacks, and many more. But do you know what Pinterest can do for jumping higher the list of social networking sites? According to “The New York Times” report, one of the major possibilities is to acquire VSCO. VSCO is one of the most famous applications for editing and sharing photos, videos and this is the app having a depth of tools for mobile users. None of the sides, Pinterest and VSCO have confirmed the negotiations and there is no word on the possible price. But it is believed that they might combine forces and can bring a glow like Instagram.

Probing further, Pinterest is much more known for the planning and organizing and VSCO is currently known for the VSCO girls’ memes, New York Times has pointed this out, other than any acquisitions. Through the help of an interview, the owner of VSCO said a statement that we are always there to meet with new companies across creative space at a given time, but do not discuss any of the rumors and speculations. This is because the main aim of the VSCO company is to grow their business first and foremost. VSCO company owner further said that we have recently crossed our 10th anniversary and are very much bullish on our opportunity ahead. VSCO also said that we are going to serve the evolving needs of the creators all around. We are very much excited for this year because we are going to build some new and special features for the creators to explore how creators will financially support themselves through VSCO. And the will of course continue to expand that tools so that it becomes easy to create from a mobile device.

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