I Adored Him’ Quotes, Joely Fisher, About Her Late Dad Eddie Fisher

American actress and singer Joely Fisher opened up about her late dad Eddie Fisher, who passed away in 2010.

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She reveals how much he influenced her career and that she “adored him.” Despite the public scandals and high-profile romances that made Late Eddie Fisher famous, Joely Fisher said she wanted to remember her father for more than that. “Everybody has their own flaws, and I think that they were just giant ones,” said Fisher. “He was bleak, he was lovely and had to have been all of those things, or he wouldn’t have gotten the most beautiful creatures to marry him on this planet, “she stated.

Fisher’s recollection of her father runs deep. Growing up touring the world with her mother, she knew Eddie Fisher as the man who had no idea how to act like a father, but he did adore her. “He never behaved like fathers usually do. But he was great, and we did develop a real friendship after I turned 16 and then later in life. I adored him and forgave him. He has been gone for 11 years,” she explained.

I Adored Him’ Quotes, Joely Fisher, About Her Late Dad Eddie Fisher

While Fisher recalled her experiences with her father, she also revealed that her relationship with her late father was not always easy. In fact, one incident made her realise how unaware she was as a toddler. In an interview, Fisher explained that she didn’t realise what she was witnessing as a child, and Eddie never purposely exposed his private struggles in front of her.

Eddie later expressed regret for exposing his daughter to his past struggles. Eddie was struggling with drug addiction for nearly four decades—and with Betty Lin’s support, Eddie got clean in 1992, reported People magazine.

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