Is Twitter Stock A Buy Now That Jack Dorsey Relinquishes CEO Role?

By Gouri Jain

Yesterday it was announced that Twitter chairman Jack Dorsey has resigned from his chief executive position. The change is instant, but now the query is that Twitter stocks are now available to purchase?

The new chief executive of the Twitter portal is Parag Agrawal, and he has been working with Twitter for the past ten years. He has been working with a Twitter company since 2017 as head of the technology officer. As CEO, Jack Dorsey is performed for 18 years, and now he remains the board member until his term period ceases in the 2022 meeting of shareholders.

Dorsey writes that ” I have decided to leave Twitter, and now I have faith the company is prepared to go ahead from its founders. I believe that Parag Agrawal as Twitter’s new CEO is the best decision. He has been working with us for the past decade, and he has been amazing. I am proud of his skills, heart, and soul. Now it’s his time to conduct”.

When this news came out, a Twitter share is increased significantly in premarket trading. So people are speculating, is it the right time to purchase Twitter shares?

Twitter Stock

Regarding the basis of the decision to purchase Twitter stock, people are interested in the company’s stock. As per the IBD Stock reports, Twitter holds position week in IBD composite rating of 24 out of highest 99. While using growing shares for higher earning potential depends on the CAN SLIM investment model, focusing on a mixed grade of 99 or greater.

Another IBD ratings, Twitter, has a poor relative strong rating and also merely fourteen. So it means that among the IBD database, Twitter stocks are currently exceeding just 14% of all stock. Preferably it would help if you considered stocks that show a rating of 80 or above.

If anyone is interested in buying shares, then it is a negative signal. As per investor guidance,” a stock relative strength line calculates the daily stock price presentation to the S&P 500. An above slopping RS line means the stock is better, and the below line shows stock lagging in S&P 500.

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