Jason Momoa Revealed ‘He Injured Himself Many Times While Shooting For Aquaman 2’

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On the Monday episode from The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jason Momoa shared some of his experiences. Through the show, he has shared some rough behind-the-scenes details. He says that there are so many injuries that I got while shooting for the film Aquaman 2.  

There are a number of injuries that he suffere from during the shooting. During the show, when Ellen DeGeneres asked the actor about his experiences and about how he hurt himself. Then the actor jokingly said that he is getting old and this is the reason why he hurt himself. After saying this, he listed his injuries adding that I messed up my eyes. I just gotta kinda cut it up, it has got the surgery and hernia. The ribs of mine got out and I am getting beat up.

Jason Momoa Revealed ‘He Injured Himself Many Times While Shooting For Aquaman 2’


To alleviate the concerns he said that it is going to be a great movie and everyone of you is going to love it. After assuring DeGeneres his eyesight is fine and that he is good to go, he says. He explains that I am kind of this and I love my job too much. I am very much excited also to see the movie and I am damn very sure that everyone of you is going to love it out.

Momoa recently appeared virtually from London and spoke about Billie Eilish with his children at the No Time To Die premiere last month. He says that the musician is having a big deal with the family and the children shared the music first with me. There was a photo of Momoa and his children posing with Eilish at the red carpet. When we saw her, we just lost it all. I geeked out. 

Therefore, you can check out the short clip to know more about it.

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