Movies ‘Transformers And Star Trek’ Are Pushed Back At Paramount

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As per the recent reports, paramount has pushed back two of its tentpoles. Transformers: Rise of the Beats has moved for around one year and is set to be there on the platform on June 9, 2023. It was previously stated for the date June 24, 2022. This is the film by the director of Cred 2 Steven Caple Jr., starring Anthony Ramos and Dominique Fishback. The film is all set back in the late 1990s, this simply means that the globe-trotting property is there to the end of principal photography with locations of the show in the film that includes Brooklyn, New York, and Peru. The entertainment one- Hasbro’s entertainment studio is the executive producing studio of the movie. Apart from this, Skydance is co-financing and executive producing.

Therefore, the decision to make the changes in the date comes from a totally new and installed Paramount CEO Brian Robbins that has taken the control of the studio’s pipeline.

Movies ‘Transformers And Star Trek’ Are Pushed Back At Paramount

Back this year only, Caple unveiled the vision of his Transformers film which got inspired by popular 1990s beast war property. There are many different breeds of Transformers, said Caple. In one particular film, there are some prehistoric animals who have traveled from time to space and we are there to find them on the surface of the earth.

Meanwhile, Star Trek has moved to Dec. 22, 2023, from June 9, 2023. It is not known yet who is going to star in the movie and it is also not known whether Chris Pine and other of the crew are going to be back in the movie or not. We are really into this but are not having anything to say because we are waiting for the development and everything is yet to be delivered. I can’t wait to get it going but we are not there yet and we need to get there soon.

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