Netflix Boycott Over Dave Chappelle’s Special, Dear White People Showrunners Talk About

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Through a 40-minute interview on Thursday with Jaclyn Moore there was a navigation about confronting yet common occurrences in the life of the trans person. Once someone hurled derogatory slurs at her when she was passing through a street in New Orleans. This is the place where Moore has been working in the writer room and the co-showrunner that is there for a reboot for Peacock. Before apologizing, she said that I am getting very much yelled at now and she got back just to scan out her thoughts.

At the present moment, she was pondering about the aftermath of Netflix releasing Dave Chappelle’s latest special. She says that this is the series that covers current topics from coronavirus and racism. Moore has thought very much about the consequences this is not only because of the special release on Tuesday but because it was what led her to take a stand by tweeting. She is not working with Netflix anymore because of some reason. The reason behind this is that the other topics Chappelle covered properly and specifically in blatantly and dangerously transphobic content. after spending around 4 years Justin Simien on his now-wrapped Netflix series that is Dear White People.

Netflix Boycott Over Dave Chappelle’s Special, Dear White People Showrunners Talk About

The problem with Chappelle’s case is that he’s now done. This is like five specials in a row with increasing hostility. Netflix keeps on paying for these specials but it is a bit hard to feel the financial upside outweighed. Chappelle did not say that what they think but that’s the message is what they have received when this all happens. Therefore, this is the only reason why there is a tweet by Chappelle and she felt like she had to. There are not many trans showrunners but yes, she has done this job properly even after talks about queer issues, race, and a host.

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