Nina Dobrev: After Meeting Ian Somerhalder She Broke Her Rule Of Not Dating A Co-Star

Nina Dobrev: After Meeting Ian Somerhalder She Broke Her Rule Of Not Dating A Co-Star

From the current updates, it has been found that Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev are in a relationship. Both of them have recently given their major relationship goals as Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore on ‘The Vampire Diaries’. They have also made the people see their relationship goals with their off-screen romance. However, Nina Dobrev said that she had a hard rule that she will never date her co-star before she fell head over heels in love with him.

Ian Somerhalder made Nina Dobrev break her rule of not dating the co-star.

Through an interview, the actress discussed her then-boyfriend, Ian somerhalder. But she previously stated that she is never going to date her co-star. Nonetheless, this is the only thing that she has done, she is dating her co-star only. Ian moved from co-star to lover in a flash and she clarified her previous statement of hers as well. She went on to say that she wasn’t able to help but fall in love with ian joseph somerhalder, despite her best efforts. 

Probing further, she says that this is honestly what I believed at the time. I never wanted to date my co-star because my goal was to be professional. But sometimes you can’t help yourself because love is something that can happen anywhere and anytime. They both were dating for a long time but the couple broke up after the sixth season. She also opted to leave the show without giving an official reason and various theories began to circulate.

Both of them decided to move on and Ian Somerhalder decided to marry Nikki Reed. Even after so many things, they both (Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder) care for each other as friends. Hence, this is all about their (nina and ian) relationship then and now.

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