On February 8th, 'Apex Legends' Will Include 9v9 Control Bouts

On February 8th, ‘Apex Legends’ Will Include 9v9 Control Bouts

Apex Legends is being expanded beyond its battle royale foundations by Respawn. Control, the studio’s first significant team mode, will be available as a limited-time feature starting February 8th. If you’ve played Destiny’s Control or other hold-the-points games, you’ll recognise the mode. With endless respawns for every player, two teams of nine players compete to capture and retain up to three zones each. Those zones will provide rewards similar to those seen in previous games, but the nature of those benefits will be different – there will be a significant incentive to focus on territory rather than wiping out the opposing team.

On February 8th, 'Apex Legends' Will Include 9v9 Control Bouts

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Every second, each zone owned by your team will get points, up to a maximum of 1,250 points. You’ll come across “Capture Bonuses” at random. Which award a large number of points if your team controls a certain zone when the bonus duration expires. You can spawn in the middle ground if you own both the centre point and your team’s home point. If you manage to capture all three points, you’ll trigger a “Lockout,” which ensures that you’ll win if those points are still yours when the countdown runs out. To put it another way, a lopsided contest should not last any longer than it has to.

Her skills, like Caustic’s, demonstrate her willingness to put morals aside – Riot Drill burns adversaries out of cover, and Wrecking Ball creates boost pads while simultaneously bursting close foes. When using shotguns, she may additionally highlight opponents she shoots and travel faster.

It’s too early to say if Control, like Arenas, will be permanent.

However, Respawn’s strategy is apparent. Modes like these might keep Apex interesting for veterans while also attracting newbies who aren’t lovers of the original game’s last-man-standing experience.