What Is The Comparison Between Ps5 And Xbox Series Xs?

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Both the PS5 and Xbox series XS debuted one year ago this month only and today is the day when we are hosting a joint birthday party for them. The main attraction of all this is a 20-minute video conversation about everything like pros, cons, and future of the consoles that are hosted by PS5 enthusiast and Engadget senior editor Jessica Conditt. Along with that, it is also hosted by Xbox Series X fan and senior editor Devindra Hardawar. There is also a cake that you should know.

There is nothing about deciding which of the consoles is winning an invisible war or determining which of the company is churning out best and most of the games. Instead, there is a candid conversation about the things and about which of the consoles is doing well, where it’s falling short. We are also hoping to see each of the ecosystems in the coming year. And then there is another cake. (No there is not anything, come on now and accept the fact).

What Is The Comparison Between Ps5 And Xbox Series Xs?

For more of a technical breakdown of how the consoles have fared during their debut year, you can check out the six-month report card. If you are having a PS5 and Xbox series, then let us know how the systems are treating you through the comments. Let us know whether the whole of the systems of your gaming consoles are working well or not.

Meanwhile, finding the new Xbox and PlayStation consoles is very much difficult in 2021 because of the limited supply and record demand fostering a challenging landscape for all the buyers. Recent restocks are going to sell out in seconds with a thriving resell market that is valuing markets with high price markups.



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