Roblox Sues The Long-Banned User For Allegedly Terrorizing The Platform

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As per the recent updates, it has been found that Roblox has recently sued a person who was banned for a long term for allegedly terrorizing the gaming platform. He is the one who was banned years ago for terrorizing the platform and its community of developers. The Roblox Corporation wants Benjamin Robert Simon to stop the alleged harassment of employees and users on Roblox and everywhere else. Along with this, they have also said that the person will have to pay around $1.65 million in damages.

In the filing, that was reported for the first time in the Polygon, the company claims Simon, and said that he is an alleged “cyber mob” leader, who commits and encourages unlawful acts that were basically designed to harm Roblox and its users. Roblox banned him many years ago but no one was happy with the fact, instead, they wanted something big to be there. He was banned years ago, allegedly for using homophobic and racist slurs, harassing others, and some sexual harassments as well. It has been said that Simon uses accounts created by others and hacks them out for maintaining access to the platform. Hence, this is all due to which Roblox sued the person.

Roblox has tens and millions of users on a daily basis and many of them are kids as well. Keeping all the trolls away from the trolls as far away as possible from the platform becomes very important to help protect the platform’s young audience. The lawsuit is there to follow an outage that knocked Roblox offline for three days. Hence, this is all why the decision to sue the person Simon was taken.

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