Software for Desk Scheduling: Four Core Benefits

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We can expect workplace optimization to become more important in the next few years. The need for facilities management professionals is already on the rise. Telecommuting and alternative office practices, as well as technologies like desk scheduling software, are becoming the new norm. This gives you better control over how your employees interact within your facilities.

Implementing a desk scheduling system is an easy way to add checks and balances to the workplace. Introducing new concepts to the workplace and enhancing oversight control have numerous benefits. Turn your facilities into an on-demand, first-come, first-served booking system in this article.

Desk scheduling software is described.

A desk scheduling system offers employee-facing functions as well as back-end management features.

Software for scheduling facilitates employee interaction with the workplace on the front end. He searches for available desks as soon as he visits the scheduling portal. He reserves it for a desired period of time when he finds one. And when he looks for a desk, he does the same thing. Since Lyle and Frank cannot book the same desk, there will be no interruptions, disagreements, or miscommunications – only a productive work environment.

To learn more about employee needs, wants, and expectations, facilities managers analyze employee booking habits. This allows them to make improvements. A facility manager may reduce the number of cubicle spaces and expand bench seats to make better use of space when bench seats are booked twice as frequently as cubicles.

An online desk booking platform has broad potential on both the front-end and the back-end. When implemented properly, the system can benefit both companies and employees. Here are some of the benefits.

1. More Time Saved

It can be difficult to find the perfect location for your business. The average employee spends just five minutes each day looking for a desk if you have 20 employees. Imagine how much time you waste! You also waste manpower. Every week, there are just over eight wasted hours, and every year there are over 415 wasted hours.

As a result of the desk booking process, employees know the desk will be open when they arrive. When you know where and how long your spot is, there is no need to search for an open one.

2. Better Use of Space

When Hot desk booking software is used, employees are more likely to use office space they might not otherwise. There is a desk nearby that is similar to the one they want… but it is not the desk they want right now. Booking alternatively leads to more efficient use of space and better accommodations for employees. The system gently suggests these spaces to employees who might otherwise overlook them. There are no empty desks.

3. Fewer Interruptions

Imagine trying to host a meeting while someone keeps opening the door to see if there is room every few minutes. Imagine how difficult it would be to focus on a project if someone asked you how long you would be in space. You can completely avoid interruptions by using desk scheduling software. If a desk does not appear at the point of booking-or if it’s occupied-the employees can move on to the next option or book another time. The process is uninterrupted. Friction does not occur. Headaches do not occur.

4. Occupancy Compliance

The COVID-19 guidelines and social distance have made space occupancy a top concern. Building managers face new challenges as they reorganize rooms, revise floor plans, and plan for new occupants. Scheduling software helps ease these challenges.

Program rooms to limit occupancy at the time of booking. Make certain desks unavailable to guests. If employees book certain desks or spaces, provide them with warnings or reminders. Facilities managers can encourage compliance by booking space in advance.

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