Riz Ahmed, BTS, Justin Timberlake Among Other Stars Pay Of Tribute To Virgil Abloh

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From the recent updates, it has been found that Hollywood stars, famous musicians, and fashion executives were all the ones who were paying off tributes to ate Louis Vuitton artistic director Virgil Abloh. He is the famous personality who died on Sunday after a private battle with cancer, he was just 41 and this is one of the most saddening news for each and every one.

A number of people who posted about the death of Abloh highlighted his young age and paid tributes to him. Through an Instagram post, Justin Timberlake said that what can you say when a force like Virgil Abloh goes so soon? He also said that he has given too much and has gone at such a small age.  Further, he says that he is the one who created it with intensity… knowing better than the rest. I am very much honoured to know you and thanks to you for sharing your gift with us.

Probing further, Riz Ahmed rests in power to the most famous personality. He has gone too soon but the legacy still lives on. He also thanked for all the support and how he pushed to reimagine what’s possible. Usher said to his followers that life can be short, you can never know when you and the people around you are going.

Venus Williams said about the famous personality Abloh that I always watched everything he did so closely and it inspired me a lot to do each and everything better. His collections brought tears to my eyes and I am so beautiful connected to him. He also said that life is so unpredictable. Hence, there are many other personalities also who paid tributes to Virgil Abloh.

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