Surface Laptop Studio Review: The Surface Book

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The Surface Laptop Studio proves the line that we can learn from mistakes as Microsoft learns from the mistakes of the surface book. Almost all of the surface books helped Microsoft in knowing the mistakes. Instead of wrong engineering, thre is some other way for having an detachable screen, the Laptop Studio display simply tilts out forward. You can press it down further and then turn it into an angled digital easel. This is very much similar to its larger sibling, the Surface Studio. The hinged screen is not the unique thing- some of the implementations are much similar to HP Spectre Folio and Acer’s concept 7.

After reviewing Surface Book 3 last year, it was very much clear that Microsoft is in need of a new strategy. Do you know? All of the Surface Books were tablets but not exactly as they were docked into the keyboard base. This is something that housed an additional battery and an optional discrete graphics card. The guts of the PC were placed entirely behind the booking screen. Therefore, this was one of the most unique and perfect ways to make a detachable slate that can take advantage of powerful GPUs but the constraints severely limited CPU power. Hence, this was the design that cannot simply keep up against other laptops that can fit more powerful hardware.

Surface Laptop Studio Review: The Perfect Surface Book

Enter the Surface Laptop, the first Windows 11 PC. In starting, at the first glance this is something that looks like a direct MacBook Pro competitor. Even before you watch the moving screen of this PC, it is very much evident that this isn’t your typical notebook. The bottom half of the PC looks like two slightly different-sized tablets that are stacked down together. This further gives you thin edges to hold, a bit more height to fit. At around 3.8 to 4 pounds, the PC is half pound heavier than the 15-inch Surface Laptop 4. Hence, this is clearly not trying to be ultraportable, but Microsoft is trying to keep it from feeling like a hefty gaming laptop.

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Meanwhile, this is the PC that is having a flexible screen which is less frustrating than the Surface Book’s with an excellent keyboard and powerful enough features to play games.

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