Tiktok Style Reaction Videos Are Being Tested By Twitter

Only a few months have passed after the Twitter social media platform killed Fleets, but it has been found that the company has already started testing up their new video format.

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The company is testing the all-new ‘Tweet Take’ that will let the people share their reaction videos along with the Quote Tweet. With the Test, all the users of Twitter will be able to opt to send a “Quote Tweet with the reaction” instead of using the typical retweet or Quote Tweet. These are the Tweet Takes as the company is calling them either a photo or a video and the most important thing that you need to know is that the original tweet is going to get embedded as a card overtop.

Probing further, this concept of the Twitter social media platform is very much similar to the feature in Twitter’s short-lived Fleets feature. This is something that helped and enabled Twitter users to share tweets with their own commentary through a full-screen format. Fleets were something that never gained traction but yes the company is there and has pulled out the feature less than a month after its launch. If you are a constant Twitter user then you must have an idea about all this.

Unlike Fleets, the reaction video is something that is going to appear there in the main timeline just like any other tweet. Yes of course, there are many Twitter users that have raised their concerns about whether Fleets could be used to target people for harassment, tailored reaction videos, and many more. It feels like this kind of feature should be ripe because of abuse. However, at present, it is very much difficult to imagine whether Tweet Take will be a success or will create problems. Let’s just see what happens and what not.

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