Top 3 Tips to Take Care of Your Vehicle Graphics

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If you want to install vinyl stickers on your car, you need to know the maintenance factors. Many business owners face problems after installing car decals. This is because they don’t know how to take care of their car stickers properly. Do you know how to wash your car decals? What types of washing methods are suitable for car decals? Can you wash them in any condition? These are some essential maintenance factors you should know. 

Even though car decals are highly effective at protecting the surface and paints of the cars, it doesn’t mean you need to neglect the maintenance factors of the car decals after the installation process is complete. Here are 3 tips that will help you to clean your car decals properly. These tips will also allow you to retain the appearance and longevity of the car decals. 

Wash the Car Decals Regularly

Ensure you wash the car decals once a week or every time it accumulates dust on the surface. If you don’t wash the stickers for cars weekly, the contaminants will remain there that would make the cleaning process complex. Additionally, the contaminants that remained on the surface too long will be harder to remove. Spray the car stickers with water to rinse off the grit and dirt first. After that, use car soaps or deep cleaning car solutions to give a nice wash to the stickers. Don’t forget to use a soft cloth or sponge to clean your vehicle stickers. When you’re done with this process, use water to thoroughly clean the car stickers. You can also use a silicone squeegee that will minimize water spotting. 

Use Pressure Washing Under Certain Conditions

Many people think that pressure washing the decals will remove all the dust and debris quickly. However, you must be careful while using a pressure washer for your car decals as it might damage the stickers. As per Man Machine Works, a high-pressure washer can also damage the external body of the car. But if you still want to use a pressure washer, make sure the pressure is below 2000 psi. Additionally, the temperature of the water should stay below 80 degrees Celsius. We recommend you use a 45-degree wide-angle spray nozzle at least 1 foot away from the car stickers. However, don’t start spraying from the edge of the car stickers. 

Difficult Contaminants

Bug splatter, bird droppings, tree sap, and other types of contaminants require special care during the cleaning. This is because you cannot remove them easily from your car stickers. Additionally, rubbing too hard will damage the surface, color, and design of the car decals. Make sure you spray soapy and hot water on these contaminants. This will soften them. After that, rinse the car stickers with cold water thoroughly and dry. If this process fails to remove the contaminants, combine isopropyl alcohol and denatured alcohol and use them to clean the surface. Howeer, ensure you test this solution in a small area. Do not use abrasive tools. 


These are the 3 tips that will help you to maintain your car decals effectively. Remember that car stickers come with a longer lifespan. But you have to take care of them otherwise they might not last for years. 


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