Tumblr IoS App To Have A Sensitive Filter

Tumblr IoS App To Have A Sensitive Filter

The setting is activated by default, and it conceals blogs that are explicit in nature. It also disables search results with sensitive tags, and keeps articles with sensitive tags out of recommendations.

By turning off the option, users will be able to search for tags that may contain sensitive articles. They can receive suggestions that may contain suggestive or sensitive content. If you turn off the setting, you’ll be able to tap through an overlay on blogs tagged as explicit. You will, however, be unable to see postings that have been marked as explicit.

Tumblr IoS app against erotica content

Tumblr’s definition of “explicit” in this context is unclear (Engadget has asked for clarification). After Apple briefly withdrew the app from the App Store in December 2018, Tumblr prohibited erotica and realistic images of human genitals.

Tumblr IoS App To Have A Sensitive Filter

According to Tumblr, the sensitive material setting is only available to users of the most recent version of the iOS app. To disable the option for the time being, users must go to their Tumblr settings. After quitting and relaunching the iOS app, they’ll be able to access critical material.

Tumblr sets new standards for users

To comply with App Store standards, Tumblr banned search keywords and suggestions involving potentially sensitive information on the iOS app last month. The sensitive material setting should make the platform more accessible to iOS users, albeit not as much as Android or the web.

“Our community on the iOS app now has greater flexibility over creating the experience that suits them best. As well as exploring the material that they find fascinating,” says the company “In a blog post, Tumblr stated. “While our community’s experience is paramount, we must also adhere to Apple’s App Store requirements as well as our own.”