Tunisha Sharma Suicide: CCTV Footage Shows Sheezan Khan Taking Her To Hospital After Suicide

Tunisha Sharma Suicide: CCTV Footage Shows Sheezan Khan Taking Her To Hospital After Suicide

In the wake of the police inquiry into Tunisha Sharma’s death, CCTV evidence from a hospital in Naigaon, Maharashtra, has come to light. Sheezan Khan, her purported boyfriend, was seen strolling behind the late star as she was hastily carried by a guy, alongside another woman. On December 24, TV personality Tunisha Sharma killed herself on a set in Palghar, Maharashtra.

According to media sources, Tunisha and Sheezan were dating. Sheezan called it quits 15 days before Tunisha Sharma died. She was disturbed by the end of the relationship.

She was already dead when the cast members rushed her to the Naigaon hospital, according to Surendra Pal, the attending physician. She allegedly locked herself in a room while they were shooting. People knocked, but she did not answer. They had to smash down the door and found her hanging.

During the interrogation, Sheezan Khan shockingly asserted that Tunisha had attempted suicide a few days prior as well. He saved her and requested her mother to give her special care. Sheezan claimed that he broke up with Tunisha because he was disturbed by the environment in the nation following Shraddha Walkar’s horrifying death by her live-in lover Aaftab Poonawala.

Tunisha’s uncle, Pawan Sharma revealed that she was stressed by Sheezan’s alleged relations with other women. They both ate in the dressing room. Nobody is aware of what followed. We received a phone requesting us to arrive, he added.

He also denied Sheezan Khan’s claim that Tunisha had attempted suicide earlier. “Never, never. She never tried to commit suicide,” Pawan Sharma said. “She was under a lot of stress. That’s why her mother was worried about her,” Pawan Sharma added.

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