Vine Crimes: Will The Assault Charges on Hayes Grier's ruin His Reputation?

Vine Crimes: Will The Assault Charges on Hayes Grier’s ruin His Reputation?

The saga of former Vine star and dancing with the stars alum Hayes Grier is constantly on a crucial conversation about responsibility during intoxication. The Hayes Grier was arrested in crime for assault and robbery in the summer season. He left another man massively injured. As per the TMZ report on him, there is no criminal charge imposed.

It is unusual for someone to be clear by criminal courts but still damned in the court of public opinion. However, Grier may avoid responsibility from the law. So now it remains to see that fans accept him. Also, from the entertainment sector, he offers work or hits him out.

Who is Hayes Grier

Hayes Grier is a famous internet icon popular for his Vine. It is a defunct video-sharing service. He’s a celebrity participant on the 21st season of Dancing With the Stars, and his partner is Emma Slater. He is participating at the age of 15, and he is the youngest contestant on the show. In week seven, Grier and Emma are eliminated from the round in 8th place.

Soon after elimination, he signs the new show with a Creative artist agency for media. He also announced that he would join in the early 2015 show Dancing With the Stars Tour.

Why is He Arrested?

As per Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office’s Hayes Grier was arrested in Charlotte. He is under three charges: common law robbery, assault, and felony plan. He seriously injured the man and is suspended on a $17 500 bond. But Grier is released from jail at midnight.

The arrest warrant includes a list of Grier’s home in Encino, California, showing that the judge discovered that Grier assaulted the man and left him badly injured. He broke his left orbital bone, damaged his brain, bled from the back of the brain, and lost his left ear. 

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