Whatsapp Ios To Android History Transfer Has Rolled Out In Pixel Devices

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After getting debuted on Samsung Galaxy devices at the start of December, WhatsApp cross-platform chat history transfer is rolling out for other Android devices as well. Isn’t this interesting news? Starting from today, you can move all of your histories, including messages, voice memos, photos, and videos from an iPhone to your android devices.

However, unlike the Samsung phones, this is the feature that is available on the devices having the Android 10 and above that. This feature is very much interesting and perfect for those people who are thinking of charging their phones from one to the other. But one of the most important things that you need to know is that this is the feature that is limited to phones with Android 12. Effectively, this means that the feature is available for only those Pixel devices at the moment. But Google has said that this is the feature that is soon going to come for all the smartphones that launch with its latest mobile OS. The most important thing is that the process is not as straightforward as other chats applications offer to people.

You will need to have a Lightning to USB-C cable just to connect your two phones together with one another. What is more? It also involves a QR code that you need to scan when you are first setting up your feature for your new android phone. Hence, the most important thing that needs to be known by you is that this is the best feature ever that you are going to enjoy after so long. Wait for the new androids to launch and then take benefit of this so very exciting feature.

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