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Custom Packaging Boxes:

Custom packaging boxes – If we look a few years back packaging was solely used for packing the stuff. As technology advanced and human behavior changed over the years, the purposes of packaging have evolved too. Buyers are now smarter than they were before and therefore product manufacturers spend their hard-earned money on beautifully customized printed boxes to compel their customers to buy the product. Over the years packaging has become one of the vital things that can persuade the customer to purchase a specific product. An exclusively designed packaging that is unique in its Outlook creates tons of leverages and benefits for the business. Since packaging plays a crucial role in the customer decision-making process therefore you can take risk of choosing any online packaging provider. One box cannot fit all products and therefore printed custom box packaging is vital to suit every product. Designing a unique packaging and then printing it with the latest technology can be a daunting task. Before designing a product packaging, many factors need to be considered. Our company is one of the leading printed custom box packaging providers. We will let you choose every single inch of your packaging according to your choice. The best way to go about this is to hire a company that specializes in custom packaging. Shiply is one of the leading company in custom packaging.

Choice of Materials:

We offer custom pillow boxes that can be manufactured with a different types of materials depending upon your needs and product requirements. We have packaging boxes for all types of products. You just have to decide what type of packaging material you need for your product safety and for making it look beautiful on the retail shelves. Cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated stock are the most preferred options for custom printed boxes. All the materials that we offer a highly durable and can provide protection to your products. We all know that product protection is vital for any brand’s reputation.  Broken and damaged products not only disappoint customers but also increase financial loss for the brand. Our printed custom packaging boxes tend to bear heavy weights and sustain all environmental conditions so you can pack your products without any worries and stress.

 Custom Sizes and Shapes:

Unlike typical premade rectangular boxes you can get a sleeve box in any shape, style, and size you want. Our designers with their professional expertise can precisely customize your custom printed box the way you want. We have interestingly amazing shapes like pillow show boxes; tuck end boxes, pyramid boxes, and much more. Just measure the dimensions of your product and we will make a box that will perfectly fit your product so your product movement is restricted inside the box which will increase the product safety.

Designing of the Box:

Once you have decided the material, shape, and size of your box the next step is to design the box. Here we give our customers two options:

  1. bring their creativity to life and design their box
  2.  Discuss their dream box and let our designers do their magic.

Designing your box is one of the very important steps because the whole Outlook and attraction of your product are dependent on this step.

Printing of Boxes:

Once the design is final the next step we do is to create a 3D sample and send it for your approval. printing of the box is done with quality inks to ensure they don’t bleed. We use the latest printing technology to print the box. Have a look at some of the latest techs we use.

  • Digital printing; Digital Printing is one of the cheapest and most result-oriented Digital printing is a method to print high-resolution images to a box without using any plates.
  • Offset printing: in offset printing, the design is first coated on a liner board and then the line board is laminated onto the cardboard or Kraft box.

These methods yield the best results when we combine them with our PMS (Pantone matching system) and CMYK (Cyan, magenta, yellow and black) color models.

We print the logo on top of your box to promote your brand without you spending anything on advertising. Marketing or advertisements are the backbones behind any brand success and therefore we ensure your Logo is embossed prominently to grab every passerby’s attention. We also offer a variety of finishing options to make your box look alluring but without being heavy on your pocket. Some of our amazing finishing options include die-cut, embossing, PVC windows, handles, lamination, and much more. Our custom boxes are designed in a way that they engage your target audience so your clientele could grow.

Still, Confused?

Custom printed boxes are the best match for your packaging needs as you can personalize them in any shape size in style. We make breathtaking modifications and customizations to your custom printed boxes so you can look prominent in your niche. Our boxes are made with the best quality materials and printed with premium inks. Despite being so perfectly amazing, our custom printed boxes are highly affordable. With our boxes, you can promote your brand effectively while keeping your packaging cost within the budget. All our designing services are free.

We also offer free shipping of boxes to make packaging hassle-free for you.  So don’t waste your time on online searches, get in touch with us to give your products the best packaging you can.


In the old times when there were not so many brands,d it was easy for few businesses to grow at an exponential rate. But now the market has become quite competitive due to multiple brands coming forward and we did to fulfill human needs. Product manufacturers use different means to advertise the product and packaging has become the most vital part of advertisements. Custom printed packaging boxes are now used to persuade buyers to buy a specific product. We offer amazingly customized printed boxes to boost your products sales. These boxes are 100% customizable without breaking your bank.  Our custom printed packaging boxes are made from scratch for your products and you won’t find such amazing boxes anywhere else in the whole world. We ensure you get perfect quality amazing boxes for your products at wholesale rates.

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