YouTube Launches Courses In India, Auto-Dubbing For Healthcare Videos

YouTube Launches Courses In India, Auto-Dubbing For Healthcare Videos

Google for India 2022: US-based, Google-owned video streaming platform, YouTube announced bringing more monetization opportunities for educational content creators. The company aimed to launch Courses in early 2023.

  • Courses will be another subscription-based model for creators.
  • YouTube hasn’t revealed the official launch date yet.
  • YouTube already offers multiple monetization modes including Ads, super chat, and sponsorships.

In the Google for India event, which laid out the roadmap of Google for its India-related strategy, the search engine giant unveiled two new features for YouTube. ‘Courses’ is the first. It’s yet another subscription-based model for content publishers. Prior to the event, YouTube India’s managing director, Ishan John Chatterjee, spoke to a small group of media during roundtable hours and stated that Courses will initially be confined to three countries: India, the United States, and South Korea.

Courses will enable creators to provide multi-session video tutorials tailored to specific expertise. As part of the course, creators will be able to post notes in the form of PDFs, PNGs, and so on.

YouTube courses will be offered as a freemium service. Courses will be either free or paid, depending on the developer. Google will charge its standard fees for paid content. 

Another feature launched was the auto-dubbing of healthcare videos. YouTube will support auto dubbing of videos in multiple languages with the help of its Aloud feature. Aloud is a new service developed by Google powered by AI and Machine Learning. It can translate and dub videos into multiple languages at no extra cost.

YouTube says a small group of hospitals is using Aloud as part of an early access program. Max Hospitals, Apollo, etc partnered with YouTube last year to create authoritative healthcare content. 

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