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Apple will introduce AI to Xcode and Spotlight in 2024

Apple will introduce AI to Xcode and Spotlight in 2024

Apple is working to introduce several AI features to Xcode in 2024 along with new software tools for app developers to compete with Microsoft and Google. The upcoming version of Xcode will suggest codes for the developers to speed up the programming procedures. This technology is not new; Microsoft, Github, Copilot has already introduced this feature. 

Apple engineers have started experimenting with its early versions to prepare it for third-party developers. 

In the past few years, the language models of Apple have faced a boom, and its generative AI coding feature will boost its performance and compete with its peers. Apple is trying hard to compete with its competitors, like Microsoft and Google, by adding AI capabilities to its products and services.

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In June 2023, at the annual Developer’s Conference, Apple shared its plan to integrate AI technology into its range of products and services. Both the upcoming iOS 18 and macOS updates, codenamed Crystal and Glow, will have AI-powered features in them. 

The iPhone is going to get one of the most important updates for iOS 18. The new features will generate test codes for various tasks, and they will also include AI features that automate mundane programming tasks. The company has also experimented with AI tools that will automatically generate the playlist according to the listener’s preferences. Also, it will compete with PowerPoint by creating a slideshow presentation in keynotes. 

Apple has a basic search launch that gives basic results like weather updates and sports scores, but the new AI overhaul will give an update to spotlight systemwide search.  The new version of the spotlight can provide results for complex prompts when tapped into on-device data and AI models. Earlier, only natural language questions were answered with basic information and functions. 

Craig Federighi, Apple’s Software Chief, has reportedly asked its team to ensure more AI technology is introduced in the updates of 2024. Apple is trying to set a benchmark for its peers and upgrade for the next generation to survive in the market.

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