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Ayodhya Seer Threaten To Burn Shah Rukh Khan Alive, Urged To Boycott Pathaan

Ayodhya Seer Threaten To Burn Shah Rukh Khan Alive, Urged To Boycott Pathaan

Mahant Paramhans of Tapasvi Chhawani, who had earlier announced to take ‘Jal samadhi’ if India is not declared a Hindu nation, is miffed over the defamation of Bhagwa (saffron) color in the song ‘Besharam Rang’ from Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film Pathaan. The seer burnt the poster of the movie and growled he will burn Shah Rukh Khan.

The dance sequence of the song ‘Besharam Rang’ featuring Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan triggered controversy over hurting Hindu sentiments. The song is facing criticism from people, many preceptors, and several BJP leaders. 

Narottam Mishra, the home minister for Madhya Pradesh, denounced the song’s representation of Deepika Padukone’s attire. He claimed that the song was written with a filthy mindset.

“Today we burnt his posters. The movie Pathhan has insulted the saffron color. If I find jihadi Shah Rukh Khan anywhere, I will burn him alive.” Seer Mahant Paramhans said in a viral video. He announced to defend in court anybody who will burn the actor.

Earlier, Mahant Raju Das, the priest of Hanuman Garhi, came forward and appealed to the audience to burn down the theaters. He said that the movie industry has been insulting Sanatan dharma for so long. Wearing a saffron bikini by Deepika Padukone was hurtful, there was no reason to do so. He called people to boycott the movie. 

Several complaints have been registered against the actors and makers of the film for hurting Hindu sentiments. 

Girish Gautam, the legislative assembly’s speaker also expressed his displeasure over the song calling it indecent and vulgar. He asked Shah Rukh Khan to watch the film with his daughter and post a picture telling the world that he is watching the film with her. Mr. Gautum challenged Khan to make a similar film about the prophet Mohammed.