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Best Packaging Materials for Shipping Your Products

Best Packaging Materials for Shipping Your Products

More than 80% of customer returns occur because of faulty or damaged items in e-commerce. The packaging does not just make your product more appealing; it also increases its chances of being sold if it is protected and delivered beautifully. So for the product’s protection, we use different materials.

If you want to know more about different packaging materials that are used to protect the products, read the full article.

Packaging Materials for Shipping

Here is the list of different materials you can use in your packaging container for extra product protection.

Packaging Paper

Packaging paper is one of the most commonly used best packaging materials for shipping. It is a natural and sustainable source, so it is easily biodegradable and does not affect the environment. Packaging paper is suitable for various products and protects fragile items from transportation damage. It also protects the product from dust and scratches.

Packaging paper is lightweight, similar to cardboard boxes (made from paper), and would not add much weight to the packaging. As it offers little resistance against heavier items, this in-filer is best used for the packaging of lightweight products. It’s likely to be some of the least expensive materials, so small businesses can also use it.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is also one of the most used packaging materials. A bubble pattern is created by enclosing air between two sheets of plastic and then sealing them together to create bubble wrap. Due to its flexible cushion of air, it provides resistance from shocks and prevents any damage to the product.  

Wrapping it around the product makes it easy to apply. That’s why it has been widely used in shipping to protect fragile and awkwardly-shaped items. However, low prices make it a popular material. It can be used repeatedly without being recycled.

Packaging Peanuts

Packaging peanuts are small pieces of foam that are shaped to interlock under pressure and free flow when not compressed. Their shape makes them ideal for filling in small crevices and guarding items against bumps in shifting. Among other things, this material is also capable of absorbing some humidity so that it can provide additional protection for items like electronics.

They are also lightweight and will not add much weight to the product packaging. Their reuse is unlimited; you don’t have to recycle them after each use. There are two types of packaging peanuts one is made from plastic, and one is recyclable. It is suggested to use a recyclable one as it does not affect the environment. It is also a cost-effective material, so small businesses can also use them.

Packaging inserts

Cardboard inserts are made of paper and used to hold the product inside the box safely. It includes paper inserts, corrugated flutes, and cardboard inserts. Additionally, they enhance the product’s appearance, and if you have multiple items or parts of the product, then it will make sure of every party’s position. 

These Packaging inserts are also lightweight and will only add a little weight to the packaging. Despite being eco-friendly, it is also inexpensive so small businesses can use them. Packaging Inserts are the best cost-effective packaging solution for small businesses. Also, they add some extra functionality in the boxes.

Packing Foam

Packaging foam is used mostly for fragile, irregular shapes and high-value items. Your package can become a bit denser and heavy if you use packing foam. This added weight may add to shipping costs. It is a bit expensive and used for luxury products.  

It provides the best level of protection. People need clarification on whether it is biodegradable or not, so let me tell you it has two types; one is biodegradable and the other one is not eco-friendly, so you can use the biodegradable one. 

Mushroom Packaging

Using cornstarch as a packaging alternative is a great way to keep your products protected. This packaging is made by cleaning agricultural waste and then fusing it with a matrix composed of mushroom roots. After this process material is molded into the required shape and dried. 

This packaging material is used for the packaging of small products. It is also a lightweight material that will not add weight to the packaging and is easily biodegradable, which means it does not affect the environment.

Air Pillow

An air pillow is a small bag that can be inflated. As they are environment-friendly and therefore used as an alternative to bubble wrap or Styrofoam. This packaging material is a good option to consider as they are available in various sizes and ideal for filling voids in boxes or providing cushioning around packed items.

It is extremely cost-effective, so small businesses can also use it, and due to its lightweight, it will not add much weight to the product packaging. You can easily recycle them and make them ready for reuse. 


As you know, chances of the sale increase when you deliver your product safely to the customer’s doorstep. For this purpose, we use some materials that hold the product and prevent it from damaging. Packaging peanuts and paper are mostly used in e-commerce packaging. If you are running a small business, then let me tell you that you can also use all these packaging materials as they are inexpensive. Lastly and most importantly, all the above-described materials are eco-friendly and easily biodegradable.

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