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ECI Orders To Immediately Halt Viksit Bharat Messages On WhatsApp

ECI Orders To Immediately Halt Viksit Bharat Messages On WhatsApp

The Election Commission on Thursday directed the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) to stop the message delivery of Viksit Bharat on WhatsApp immediately. Also, the EC asked for the submission of the compliance report.

The commission had received multiple complaints alleging that, even after the general elections of 2024 were announced and the model code of conduct (MCC) went into effect, residents were still receiving these kinds of messages on their phones promoting the government’s policies.

MeitY responded by informing the commission that while the letters were sent out prior to MCC coming into effect, there was a chance that some of them were sent to recipients later than expected because of network and system issues.

The action is part of the decision taken by the commission to ensure a level playing field. 

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