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Charts: How India Overtakes Hong Kong’s World’s Fourth Largest Stock Market?

Charts: How India Overtakes Hong Kong's World’s Fourth Largest Stock Market?
Photo by Nick Chong on Unsplash

For the first time, India has taken over Hong Kong while ranking as the fourth country in the South Asian nation’s growth prospect and policy reforms that make it an investor darling while global capital pours out of China.

According to a detail collected by Bloomberg, the combined value of shares reached $4.33 trillion as of Monday’s close, while remaining at $4.29 for Hong Kong.

We see India as the best structural growth story across not just emerging markets, but worldwide. While China’s growth has stalled and is mired in uncertainty, India has a generational opportunity to emerge as the growth engine of emerging markets. Demographics are a key advantage, coupled with a surge in educated youth and a progressive government pursuing key structural reforms.” said Evan Metcalf who is a designated CEO at Global X ETFs.

On the contrary, in the Stock Market Adventure, China and Hong Kong continue to face a hard time. With the best moments in 2021, their current time value has reportedly dropped by a huge $6 trillion. Despite Hong Kong being named the busiest place for new companies to join the stock market, it has now lost its identity.

According to experts, with growing time, China will improve and will do better than India in 2024. China stocks are cheap; hence, it is expected to go up when people feel better about them. On the contrary, Indian stocks are overpriced.

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Another stock expert, Brenstein, reported the same thing owing to China’s cheap stock, it will do better over time. Meanwhile, Indian stocks were suggested to take profit as they were too expensive.

Recently, China’s market has been experiencing improvement following the government’s claim about following guidelines to help the market. Nevertheless, India is comparatively on lead and money managers like Pension Funds are investing in India.

On the other hand, despite China being on the verge of improvement, they are more than 10 per cent down in 2024. India, on the other hand, continues to rise and last year, more than $21 million from other countries went into Indian stocks. According to a survey by Goldman Sachs, investors prefer India and termed India’s market as the best place to invest your money for the future.

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