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Sahil Khan Net Worth 2022 – Income, Cars And Career

Sahil Khan Net Worth 2022 - Income, Cars And Career

Sahil Khan is an Indian Youtuber, actor, fitness trainer and entrepreneur well-known for his luxurious lifestyle and videos on YouTube. He has millions of fans and followers across the country and has over 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Sahil Khan net worth is $5.5 million that he has earned from his various businesses and brand endorsements. So without any delay, let’s quickly discuss the total net worth of Sahil Khan, his salary, career, assets, brand endorsements, personal life and much more. 

Who is Sahil Khan? – Biography 

Born on November 5, 1976, in Kolkata, Sahil Khan is an Indian actor, Youtuber, fitness trainer and entrepreneur. He completed his studies in Delhi and began bodybuilding when he was fourteen. Sahil’s nickname is Indian Rambo and Style Boy. After pursuing his studies, Sahil shifted to Mumbai to pursue his acting career. 

Later, in 2016, Sahil began his fitness career and opened his first gym in Goa. Soon after that, in 2017, he created his YouTube channel and uploaded his blogs on fitness lifestyle. 

After the grand success of his first gym, Sahil opened his second gym in Ahmedabad. The machines in Sahil’s gym are costly. 

He has 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and over 10 million followers on his Instagram handle. On both platforms, Sahil uploads vlogs related to fitness and lifestyle. Today, he is the source of inspiration for many people in the country. 

Sahil Khan Net Worth 2022 - Income, Cars And Career


Sahil Khan started his Bollywood career with the ‘NACHANGE SAARI RAAT’ music video released in 2000. A year later, in 2001, Sahil made his acting debut with the film Style. The film was successful at the box office, and Sahil played the lead role. 

Apart from this, Sahil also appeared in a few other Bollywood movies such as Ramaa: The Saviour, Aladin and Xcuse Me. Although, all these movies were a big flop at the box office. Sahil was last seen in “Shrinagar’, after which he quit Bollywood and commenced his own business. 

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How much is Sahil Khan Net Worth?

Sahil’s fans are keen to know What is Sahil Khan’s net worth? How is he so wealthy? What are his primary income sources? And so on. Well, the answer is the same the net worth of Sahil Khan is $5.5 million. 

During his relatively brief career, Sahil has gained additional income through his businesses, brand endorsements, vlogs, and many more. Because of Sahil’s highly compelling content, he has become a youth icon today. 

In 2018, Sahil’s net worth was estimated to be $4 million. Over the past four years, his net worth has grown quite well. Sahil’s primary income sources are brand promotions and supplements he sells through his business. 

A few years ago, Sahil’s brand became the first Indian brand to get approval from the United States of America. He has given all his credit to his fans, asking them to continue showering love on him. Sahil’s past year’s net worth growth, including Sahil Khan worth in 2022, is as follows-

  • Net Worth in 2022- $5.5 million
  • Net Worth in 2021- $4.8 million
  • Net Worth in 2020- $4.3 million
  • Net Worth in 2019- $4 million
  • Net Worth in 2018- $3.2 million
  • Net Worth in 2017- $2.5 million 
Sahil Khan Net Worth 2022 - Income, Cars And Career


Sahil Khan Salary, which he earns from his brand endorsements, YouTube Vlogs, and supplements, is reported as 40 Lakhs monthly, and his annual salary is 5 crores. As the fitness icon’s popularity has grown up over the years, his earnings are also predicted to rise in the coming years.

Many popular brands partners with Sahil as they understand how much Sahil Khan is worth today. Sahil’s one Instagram post has the potential to change people’s lives positively. Because of this craze, Sahil is one successful fitness trainer in the country. 

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Sahil likes living in expensive; he resides in a lavish home in Goa, along with his family. However, his expensive home is one of the pleasant places in the city. 

Recently, Sahil has also released a video of his new dream house with a fish pool and beautiful lake view. Besides, the fitness trainer also owns an apartment in Mumbai. 


Sahil Khan Assets comprise a collection of his expensive cars. The first collection that costs him around 88.88 Lakhs rupees is the ‘Mercedes-Benz GLS 350 d’. Sahil’s second most expensive car, which cost him 74.61 lakh, is the ‘Ford Mustang’. 

Now comes the third collection, which is the Mercedes E-Class E 220d. This car cost Sahil 77.25 Lakh rupees. Last but not least, the ‘BMW 7 Series 740Li’, which Sahil owns 1.39 crores rupees. That is all about Sahil’s car collection. 

Sahil Khan Net Worth 2022 - Income, Cars And Career


Being a fitness trainer, Sahil is one of India’s biggest fitness brand ambassadors. He is the brand ambassador of ‘HealthXP’, India’s leading online supplement brand. Apart from HealthXP, Sahil also endorses many other popular brands such as ‘Hunk Waters’, ‘Bigmuscles Nutrition’ and so on. Excluding the brand endorsement, Sahil also owns a supplement brand, namely Divine Nutrition and earns money from the same. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old is Sahil Khan? 

As he was born on November 5, 1976, Sahil Khan age as of 2022 is 45 years. 

2. How tall is Sahil Khan? 

Sahil Khan’s height is 5ft. 10 inches, and his weight is 90kg. 

3. Is Sahil Khan married? 

No, Sahil is not married. In 2003, Sahil tied the knot with Nagar Khan but got divorced in 2005.

4. Who is Sahil Khan girlfriend? 

Till now, no revelation has been made about Sahil’s girlfriend by him. Although in 2009, rumours were that the fitness trainer was dating Ayesha Shroff (the mother of Tiger Shroff), no clarification has been given by any of the two on their relationship. For now, Sahil is single and is not dating anyone.

5. Is Sahil Khan a diabetes patient? 

Unfortunately yes! The fitness trainer and youth icon of India, Sahil khan is a diabetic.  He is suffering from diabetes insipidus and the doctors have advised PICU stay to Sahil to recover completely from the disorder. 

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