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How to Get a Cheap Junk Removal Service

How to Get a Cheap Junk Removal Service
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If you want to get rid of junk from your home or office space, choosing the right provider might be challenging. The challenge can be more real especially if you don’t want to spend so much while still getting quality service. Therefore, in this article, we’ll guide you on how to get a junk removal service without breaking the bank.

Tips on Getting a Cheap Junk Removal Service

Getting an affordable junk removal company is not difficult if you know what to do. Therefore, in this section, we’ll provide you with tips that will help you secure the services of an affordable provider. Let’s get right into it…

Hire Locally

One mistake folks make when hiring professionals for any kind of job is that they hire outside their area. There are many disadvantages to hiring outside your area. One such disadvantage is higher costs.

If you hire from outside your location, the company will charge you more. They attribute this higher cost to transportation from their base to your home. Therefore, this is not the best option for someone on a budget. 

Furthermore, the overhead operation costs for local providers are lesser compared to non-local providers. If you hire locally, these savings are usually passed on to customers in terms of discounts and lower prices. Moreover, local companies want to build and maintain their reputation within the community. As a result, they offer affordable services with the intention of getting more referrals within the community. 

To find local companies near you, there are two ways you can go about it. First, you can ask individuals within your community who have used these services before. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a couple of companies you can choose from. Not only will they refer you to these providers, but they’ll also give you important information about them. 

Secondly, you can search online. A simple query such as “junk removal service near me” on Google should provide you with several companies to choose from. Before you choose, ensure that you check out online reviews of the companies. The reviews will help you separate the wheat from the chaff. 

When hiring, ensure the provider is legitimate. In other words, they must be registered and licensed to perform such tasks within that community. This will save you from issues with the authorities. 

Furthermore, the provider must have insurance. The company must have insurance coverage for their staff in case of accidents. It would be ironic to end up paying for the treatment of a professional who got injured while working on your project because you wanted to save money. Therefore, ask for documentation of the insurance cover for the professionals that will be sent to work for you. 

Lastly, the company must be tax-compliant. A company that evades tax will likely be shady in dealing with its customers. Therefore, request for their tax payment receipt before you hire them. 

Get Quotes from Multiple Companies

One of the easiest ways to get a cheap junk removal service is to get quotes from multiple companies; at least three of them. The process of getting quotes from a company should be easy. Visit to see an example of how easy it is to get a quote from a removal company. When you get the quotes, you can then compare them to find out which one is cheaper. 

Be careful when doing this to avoid getting a bad deal in the name of getting a cheap deal. A cheap service doesn’t necessarily mean it is the cheapest of the lot. A cheap service offers you the best value for money at an affordable price. Therefore, ensure you choose value even though you’re seeking a cheap deal.

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Take Advantage of Off-Season

If you want to get a cheap junk removal service, you need to target off-season. What do we mean by this? We’re talking about hiring when the business is slow for these companies.

Spring and summer months are considered busy months for providers. Most folks engage in spring cleaning every year. On the other hand, the summer weather is an energy booster to get rid of the junk we’ve been meaning to do. 

Therefore, if you hire these professionals in those times of the year, you’ll be charged more. Why you might wonder? Well, the demand is high and they’ll only give priority to better-paying jobs. 

Instead of joining the rat race, just wait because winter is coming. When winter comes, these businesses will be in the off-season. During this period, demand is low. 

If you feel you’ll have less energy to deal with such tasks in the winter, you can hire the service a week before winter. At this point, demand is on the decline. Therefore, you can still end up getting good deals. 

When you call to hire, the providers will be free to take up the job. You can then bargain for a cheaper price since you know they don’t have many jobs to deliver. This way, you can save a whole lot of money. 

How to Get a Cheap Junk Removal Service
Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

Don’t be Rigid with Your Schedule

Getting a cheap price requires tact in arranging the pickup. Sometimes, a company might not be able to meet up with your pickup time and date. This might be a result of a previous engagement or some other issues. 

When this happens, do not be quick to dismiss them and then look for another removal service. You might just miss out on the opportunity to get a cheaper price if you do so. Instead, try to reach a compromise that will benefit you financially. 

If the company is unavailable on the day you select, you can find out when they’ll be available. When they give you an alternative pickup date and time, ask them if they’ll give you a discount to cover the inconvenience you might have to bear in waiting for them. A good number of junk removal services will be open to offer you a cheaper deal. This way, they get the job, and you get a cheap service; everybody goes home happy. 

Request Discounts

As we discovered above, do not be afraid to ask for discounts. Being flexible with your schedule is one way to get a discount, but there are other opportunities that allow you to enjoy discounts. Let’s reveal them…

Before you hire the company, ask if they have any ongoing promotions. Some companies offer discounts for senior citizens, military, veterans, etc. If you qualify, you can take advantage of it to get a cheap deal. 

Alternative Methods to Remove Junk 

Although junk removal services are one of the most common and best ways to get rid of junk, there are still other ways you can explore. Some of these methods are even beneficial in certain ways. Therefore, in this section, we’ll guide you on alternative methods to get rid of your junk instead of hiring a removal company. 


Yes, you heard us right, sell. Sometimes, not all the items you want to dispose of are bad. Some might even be in good condition. Even if they might have some defects or the other, some folks still need them. 

Therefore, before you call the removal company, find out if there’s anyone who’d like to buy the item you want to dispose of. If you have multiple items, you can hold a yard or garage sale. Folks in the community would come around to buy these items. 

Another method is to sell the items online. Take a picture of the item and post it on an online trading platform such as eBay. You can read this to discover the top online marketplaces in Australia. Interested buyers will reach out to you to purchase it

This option is so cool because, not only do you dispose of the item, but you also get to make money. It’s a stark contrast to hiring a removal company that will require you to pay for their services. If you ask us, selling is the better option. 

Putting a smile on the faces of others is a great thing to do, and you can do this by donating your old items to those in need. You can contact local charities and ask them if they receive item donations. If they do, you can send it to them and put a smile on someone’s face somewhere. 

Before you send the items to the organization, confirm that they are legit. Do your due diligence and research to ensure you’re not giving out your items to crooks. This is an important step you mustn’t ignore.

Besides this happy feeling of doing good, there’s another advantage of donation some folks are not aware of. In some areas, you enjoy tax deductions when you make donations. So, if it applies in your area, you also get a financial benefit when you make donations. 


Not all items can be donated. Those that are badly damaged shouldn’t be sent to charity; don’t be so callous! So, what do you do with items you can’t donate?

The answer is simple, recycle them. Find out what recycling options are available in your location. Then send those items for recycling. Not only do you get rid of your junk, but you also protect the planet in the process. 


Getting a cheap junk removal service is not as difficult as it seems. The tips we shared in this article are proven to help you get the best deal when you want to hire such a provider. We even went ahead to provide you with alternatives to removal services that can help you save money.

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