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How to Pin a Comment on Instagram?

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram?

Instagram is a well-liked social media service that facilitates the dissemination of visual content, establishing interpersonal connections, and promoting individual brands. Instagram allows users to attach comments to posts permanently. A highlighted comment or persistent message may be maintained at the top of your post in this manner. Let’s know how to pin a comment on Instagram.

What Does Pinning a Comment on Instagram Mean?

Instagram users may pin a comment to the top of a post so it always appears in the comments section. The pinned comment will always appear at the top of the comments section of your article. For example, a thank-you note or a call to action may benefit from this kind of emphasis. Additionally, it may be used to prolong the visibility of a question or comment that has received valuable input.

Steps to Pin an Instagram Comment for iPhone Users

The following are the steps on how to pin Instagram comment on the go using your iPhone:

  • Get your iPhone and open the Instagram app.
  • Find the post that contains the comment you wish to pin, then click on the comments tab. You can find it between the like and send buttons; it must resemble a speech bubble.
  • To highlight a particular comment, swipe left on it.
  • Select the pin symbol. When the Pin comment button appears, choose it.

You may unpin a comment at any time if you decide you no longer want it pinned. Choose the comment, then swipe left and tap the pin button. Instagram only allows you to highlight three comments per post.

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Steps to Pin an Instagram Comment for Android Users 

To pin a comment on an Android device, follow these steps:

  • Get your Android device, and open the Instagram app.
  • You may pin a comment by tapping and holding it. A toolbar will show up at the top of the screen.
  • To pin the comment, tap the pin symbol.

To unpin the remark, press and hold the comment icon, and then wait for the toolbar to emerge on your screen. This will allow you to remove the pinning. After that, you’ll need to hit the pin symbol to unpin your remark. You are allowed to pin a maximum of three comments in Instagram in each of your posts. 

Guidelines for Utilizing Instagram’s Pinned Comments

  • Make sure to draw attention to any particularly vital statements by pinning them.
  • It is possible to utilize pinned comments to maintain the visibility of a query or feedback for an extended length of time.
  • Make use of pinned comments to point visitors in the direction of a certain link or activity.
  • Engaging with your audience and fostering a feeling of community may be accomplished to a great extent via the use of pinned comments.
  • You may call attention to a particular product or service you provide using pinned comments. 

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Is it possible to pin your own Instagram comment?

Instagram designed the Pin Comment function to discourage cyberbullying by highlighting positive comments. Live broadcasts are the only time you may pin comments to the top of your page. Add a comment to your live video, touch on it, then choose Pin Comment to make it stick out like a sore thumb on Instagram Live.

You may pin it if you want to draw attention to a particular comment or keep it at the top of your Instagram post. You may use it to interact with your target audience. Use the instructions and advice given above to make the most of this function and guarantee that your most vital comments remain at the top of your post at all times.

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