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Imran Khan Confirms Dating Lekha Washington, Says She Is Not A ‘Homewrecker’

Imran Khan Confirms Dating Lekha Washington, Says She Is Not A 'Homewrecker'
Source: Imran Khan, Lekha Washington/Instagram

In an interview with Vogue, Imran Khan confirmed his relationship with Lekha Washington and that he is now divorced from Avantika Malik. He said in the interview that they separated in 2019. Recently, Imran told the audience that he would soon be making a comeback in the industry.

There have been rumours about their relationship for a really long time. The couple has often been spotted together. Imran and Lekha also attended Ira Khan’s wedding. Finally, Imran spoke about his relationship, and not only did he confirm it, but he also expressed his anger with the description of Lekha being called a ‘homewrecker.’

Imran Khan said that people have an opinion about Lekha being the reason for him and Avantika getting the divorce, and that makes him angry because this is against women and also because it takes away his identity as an individual. Imran further stated that Lekha and him became close to each other during the pandemic, and later he got separated from Avantika. 

Avantika and Imran got married in 2011 and have a daughter named Imara. There were rumours about their separation in 2019, but neither of them made an official statement.

However, there were hints about their split on Avantika’s social media. In 2021, Avantika shared a post about feeling stuck and finding comfort in the ‘darkest nights.’ In 2020, Avantika reposted a message about marriage and divorce and called it a ‘truth bomb.’ In another old post, she had written that she was ‘healing.’ 

In 2019, Avantika’s mother, Vandana, denied the rumours by saying,

We all read the news, and let me tell you that there’s no such thing. There are some differences, which will be sorted anyway.

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