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Indian-origin UK-based Professor Nitasha Kaul Denied Entry to India

Indian-origin UK-based Professor Nitasha Kaul Denied entry to India
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Nitasha Kaul, a UK-based professor at the University of Westminster, claims that she was denied entry at the Bangalore airport and was sent back to London based on “orders from Delhi.” The Karnataka government sent an invitation to her to speak at the “Constitution and National Unity Convention-2024,” which was scheduled for February 24 and 25. 

As per Nitasha Kaul, she was not allowed to enter India because of her opinions on “democratic and constitutional values.” She also stated that the officials at the airport gave her references to her earlier criticism of the RSS.

She asserted on X that she had no information of not being allowed to enter India, except that she was denied entry after a 12-hour flight from London to Bangalore. Nitasha shared her experience of being kept waiting, not provided with any amenities, and struggling to get even food and water.

I am a globally respected academic & public intellectual, and passionate about liberal democratic values. I am not anti-India; rather, I am anti-authoritarian and pro-democracy.

Kaul stated

She expressed concern about the rule of law, environmentalism, and gender parity. She fights misogyny, and her work speaks for itself.

Who Is Nitasha Kaul?

Nitasha Kaul is a professor at the University of Westminster in London. She teaches politics, international relations, and critical interdisciplinary studies.

Kaul holds a dual PhD in Economics and Philosophy from the University of Hull, UK (2003), a master’s degree in Economics with a focus on public policy, and a BA Honours in Economics from SRCC, Delhi University. 

She is a writer, poet, and novelist as well. “Imagining Economics Otherwise: Encounters with Identity/Difference” was the title of her debut book, an academic monograph on philosophy and economics published by Routledge in 2007.

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