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Is There Any Chance for Ahiru no Sora Season 2 to Make a Comeback?

Is There Any Chance for Ahiru no Sora Season 2 to Make a Comeback?

Fans have been waiting for Ahiru no Sora Season 2 ever since the debut season aired more than two years ago. Although rumors of its return are circulating online, some speculate that this story may never come back. The rumour stems from some issues between the manga’s author and the production studio. Yet fans remain hopeful. Could there be a chance of Ahiru no Sora Season 2?

Ahiru no Sora is an exceptional basketball series that you should definitely check out. It is based on a manga by Takeshi Hinata. It has been running since 2003, with over 50 volumes published thus far, and was finally adapted into an anime in 2019. Directed by Keizo Kusakawa, the first season of this show aired from October 2019 to September 2020. The show quickly became beloved among viewers, leading to high anticipation for its second season’s release. 

Ahiru no Sora Season 2 Release Date

The only thing standing between us and the continuation of Ahiru no Sora is a difference in opinion between its mangaka and studio. This conflict results in an unfortunate situation where fans cannot enjoy what should be the next season. We sincerely hope that all parties involved can resolve their differences quickly so we may get another installment as soon as possible.

Renewal Status of Ahiru no Sora Season 2

Ahiru no Sora’s premier season was met with amazing reviews and raving fan reactions. Viewers declared this show to be incredibly distinct, gripping them with a captivating storyline that kept them coming back for more. With an intense basketball action-drama combination, the anime garnered an impressive rating of 7.31 on MyAnimeList.

As of now, the only obstacle to Ahiru no Sora Season 2 is a conflict between Takeshi Hinata and Diomedea. This disagreement has hindered the anime’s progress in an unfavorable manner. While Hinata may want another studio to take on production duties, it would be most beneficial if he and the animation studio came together in unity. Upon their assessment, they will ultimately grant permission for its upcoming season.

Ahiru no Sora Season 2 Resource Material

Despite the positive reception from fans, author Hinata was not happy with the anime adaptation of his manga series. He made multiple public apologies on social media for any errors and dissatisfaction viewers had due to its pacing. The show averaged three chapters in one episode. Despite these changes to the source material’s storyline throughout its 50-episode run, they did not affect the overall plot or arc of this series.

Ahiru no Sora wrapped up with 139 chapters and Volume 18, leaving 51 volumes of manga series in total to utilize. This provides ample content for the production studio to continue on with potentially three seasons. There is so much material available. There is every chance that fans will get an encore performance from their favorite characters.

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Recap Story of Ahiru no Sora Season 1

When Sora Kurumatani arrived at Kuzuryuu High School, he kept his promise to his mother and resolved to triumph in his first high school tournament. As soon as he joined the basketball club, it was clear that pro players ruled this space. Not only that, towering over all of them stood a much taller group of friends. 

But while everything else seemed lost, something extraordinary happened when Sora put forth genuine enthusiasm for the game. Suddenly, there were stirrings of change. Thanks to his joining this athletic team, his life would be forever changed.

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