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Karan Johar Condemns A Comedy Show For Mocking Him

Karan Johar Condemns A Comedy Show For Mocking Him
Source: Karan Johar/IG

Filmmaker Karan Johar criticised a comedy show for deeming him in “Exceptionally poor taste.” Karan took to Instagram and expressed his disappointment with the show and the broadcasting channel.

Karan shared an Instagram story and wrote, “I was sitting and watching television with my mom… and saw a promo of a reality comedy show on a supposedly respectable channel … a comic was mimicking me in exceptionally poor taste.” 

He further stated that he can expect such trolls from anonymous individuals but is upset as people from the industry disrespect him after he has marked his place for over 25 years. Karan wrote, “I expect this from trolls and faceless and nameless people but when your own industry can disrespect someone who has been in the business for over 25 years it speaks volumes about the times we live in… this doesn’t even anger me it just makes me sad!”

Indian film and TV producer Ekta Kapoor reacted to Karan’s story and wrote, “Happened so many times! Ugly humour sometimes on shows. N even award functions. N then they expect you to attend! Karan please ask them to imitate one movie or classic of yours.” Karan reposted the story, lovingly thanked Ekta and wrote, “Love You Ektuu”

This incident sheds light on the growing trend of mimicking influencers and celebrities and making content out of it. Recently, Karan Johar shared an Instagram story in which he wrote that not everybody will like them and emphasised the importance of self-acceptance.

Karan is gearing up for his upcoming movie ‘Mr and Mrs Maahi’ which stars Janhvi Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao in pivotal roles. The film will be released on May 31, 2024. The film is a sports drama that promises fun and entertainment to its audience. The filmmaker has also collaborated with ‘Devara’ and acquired the film’s distribution rights. 

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