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Liberian Flagged Ship ‘MV LILA NORFOLK’ Hijacked with 15 Indians Onboarding

Liberian Flagged Ship ‘MV LILA NORFOLK’ Hijacked with 15 Indians Onboarding
lilaglobal / representational image

Reportedly, the Liberian-flagged ship ‘MV LILA NORFOLK’ has allegedly received a hijacking attempt off the Somali coast; the ship has 15 Indians onboard. Soon after the news circulated, the Indian Navy dispatched INS Chennai to monitor the situation while ensuring the safety of the crew. On the other hand, the Navy’s Mission Deployed Platforms were activated along with a Maritime Patrol Aircraft to investigate the Arabian Sea hijacking attempt.

Meanwhile, the Indian Navy took immediate action after boarding the vessels by five to six unknown individuals were reported. At the same time, a naval aircraft managed to communicate with the crew who were reported to be in a secure location aboard the ship. While the navy has ensured continuous monitoring of the vessel movement, the INS Chennai is en route for further assistance.

Besides, sources claim that the Indian Navy along with government guidelines is coordinating with efforts and has also kept a close surveillance by naval aircraft for the well-being of the crew. Along with INS Chennai, the incident is closely looked at by other agencies and Maritime Security Forces of the Region.

Since the INS Chennai is en route for their assistance, we will be soon getting updates about the hijack. On the other side, the Indian Navy had collaborative efforts in safeguarding the crew and addressing the alleged hijacking of MV LILA NORFOLK.