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Lok Sabha Election 2024 Schedule Out, Begins From April 19

Lok Sabha Election 2024 Schedule Out, Begins From April 19

The Lok Sabha election 2024 will begin on April 19 and will be conducted in 7 phases. The counting will take place on June 4. The first phase of polling will take place on April 19, the second on April 26, the third phase on May 7, the fourth on May 13, the fifth on May 20, the sixth on May 25, and the seventh on June 1.

The Chief Election Commission detailed the election preparations and stated that 47.1 crore women out of the 97 crore registered voters will be able to vote. Throughout the entire exercise, 55 lakh EVMS will be used. Voting from home is permitted for voters over 85 and those with impairments who meet the 40% baseline disability. While the option to vote from home was available in certain assembly elections, this is the first general election when it will be available to voters throughout the entire country.

The CEC stated that the Election Commission is dedicated to reducing violence while discussing the difficulties presented by the 4Ms (muscle, money, misinformation, and MCC violations). A nationwide network of checkpoints has been established, and some international borders will use drone technology for verification.

To prevent financial abuse, the EC will approach each state differently. The EC has previously met with agencies to discuss this and has stated that freebies need to be strictly enforced. Every day, reports of questionable transactions will be sent by banks. 

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar stated that after assessing the security scenario, the electoral board will determine whether to hold the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly and Lok Sabha elections jointly or separately.

Political parties have been asked to hand out MCC guidelines to all the star campaigners. “Please avoid creating digital memory of the bad words coming out of your mouth,” the CEC said in a warning for campaigners. 

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