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Meditation For Beginners – Get Started Practical Tips

Meditation For Beginners - Get Started Practical Tips

When you meditate, you inject long-lasting and far-reaching benefits into your lives. It helps in lowering your stress level, you get to know what your real pain is, and you can connect better. Meditation also helps in improving the focus and be kinder to yourselves. So, walking through the basics in new mindful guide on ways to meditate is always the first priority that you need to follow.

What is mindfulness meditation?

Before moving on with the steps, it is important to know what mindfulness meditation is from Jonah Engler for sure. Here, you will learn ways to pay attention to breathe as it goes in and out and notice when the mind wanders from this said task. This practice of returning to the breath will build the muscles of mindfulness and attention.

  • When you start paying attention to your breathing, you are learning how to return to and remain within the present moment. It is one way to anchor you in the present on purpose, and without any judgment.
  • The idea of mindfulness is actually pretty simple. However, the practice needs patience from your side. 
  • Renowned meditation teachers will recounts their first experience with this art. They can feel how quickly their minds get caught up in other tasks. But, with a little bit of patience, meditation gets back to its original track!

The steps to follow:

Maybe this is your first time when you are trying to take help of meditation art. So, you have no clue how to start and become a pro in this field. Well, there is nothing to worry about as you will get the results straight up by your side. 

Choose a proper time:

Meditation is essentially considered to be a relaxation time. So, it has to be done at your own convenient level all the time. Be sure to choose a time when you know that you are not likely to get disturbed and also free to relax and then enjoy!

  • The perfect hours of sunrise and sunset will be an ideal time for starting the practice. It is when the nature transitions from day and night.
  • You will also find such times to be quiet at home and that helps you big time in your meditation.

Always look for a quiet place:

Well, this is another mandatory point for you to jot down whenever you are looking for a perfect meditation. Much like the convenient hour, there needs to be a perfect place where you are not likely to be disturbed while meditating.

  • If you have kids or pets at home, then you need to be extra careful while finding a spot.
  • Look for a space where these hyperactive people and pets don’t have access too. You don’t want to get disturbed in the middle of meditation.
  • Peaceful and quiet surroundings can make this meditating experience a lot better for beginner.
  • They will feel more enjoyable as their minds get relaxed to the new level.

You need to sit in a comfortable position:

Your posture will surely make a difference while trying to meditate. Be sure that you are 100% relaxed, steady and comfortable. 

  • The posture you have chosen should not produce any discomfort as you might have to sit for a minimum of half an hour in the same position.
  • It is always advisable to sit straight, keeping your spine erect. 
  • You must also keep the neck and shoulders relaxed and eyes closed while going through the entire process.
  • One of the most common myths of meditation is that you always have to sit in padmasana or the lotus position. Well, it is not a hard and fast rule and everything depends on your comfort level.

Meditating on a relatively empty stomach:

It is always a proper time to meditate at home or office right before your meal. After taking in food, there are high chances of you dozing off while trying to meditate. But, never ever try to force yourself to meditate when you are super hungry.

  • According to Jonah Engler, you will find it really difficult because of all the hunger cramps or you might even keep thinking only about food the entire time.
  • In such case, you can try to meditate after two hours of having a meal. All you need is a relatively full stomach so that you can concentrate on the meditation power well.

 You can always start with few warm-ups:

A few of the warm-up experiences or sukshma yoga exercises right before sitting to meditate will be a good choice. It helps in improving circulation, removes any form of inertia and restlessness and will make the body feel a lot lighter.

This is one major step within your list on how to meditate as you will be able to sit steadily for a longer span of time.

Be sure to take few deep breaths before starting the meditation process:

It is yet another preparation routine for easy meditation. You should try breaking deep in and out alongside of doing NadiShodhan Pranayama. All these steps must be followed before you actually sit for meditation. For some of you, these steps seem extra but will help you to steady the rhythm of breathe and leads the mind in that peaceful meditative state.

Be sure to always keep a gentle smile on your face:

In no time you will see a difference once you start meditating with a gentle smile on the face! This gentle smile will keep you relaxed throughout. It helps you to enjoy a peaceful time while meditating and can further help in enhancing the meditation experience to a completely new level.

Choose the steps wisely:

So, next time you are trying to control your anger or fickleness; be sure to focus on meditation grounds now. The steps, mentioned above, will help beginners to meditate well. It is surely one way to address your needs and help you concentrate on every spark of life even better than usual!