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Rabbit R1: Not A Smartphone But a Dedicated Personal Assistant; AI Featured

Rabbit R1: Not A Smartphone But a Dedicated Personal Assistant; AI Featured

A newly introduced device, Rabbit R1 is making rounds on the Internet. Nevertheless, for those who are unversed, it is not a regular phone and can be specifically called a dedicated assistant powered by Artificial intelligence. Additionally, this device is specially designed to simplify tasks without the distractions of a typical smartphone.

Here are the key features of the device,

  • Purpose-Built Device: Meanwhile, the Rabbit R1 is only designed for specific tasks like answering questions, playing music on Spotify, or calling a taxi. Nevertheless, it is not designed to work exactly like a smartphone.
  • Simple Interaction: Despite going through a bunch of apps, you can simply talk with Rabbit R1 by clicking on the button, similar to using a walkie-talkie.
  • No App Overload: One of the famous creators, Jesse Lyu, claims that regular smartphones are becoming complex with several in-built apps. Meanwhile, Rabbit R1 provides a more simple experience.
  • Unique Design: With its compatible, small, fitting into your palm access, Rabbit R1 are considered the best to use.
  • Different Use of Features: Rabbit R1 has a small fit and camera; nevertheless, they serve with specific features. While the screen represents information in response to your request, the camera assists with visual queries, like taking pictures of the fridge for recipe ideas.
  • Connectivity: Not only best for compatibility, but you can make phones with it. 
  • AI-Powered: Rabbit R1 is powered with AI, mostly an “action model” and Open AI GPT4 Model
  • Pre-Orders and Interest: Owing to its GPT power and its uniqueness from regular phones, Rabbit R1 sold more than 10,000 on its first day of introduction.

In conclusion, Rabbit R1 is the manufacturer’s effort to provide a smarter and simpler way to carry out tasks. Hence, it was also an attempt to stand out in the world of smartphones. 

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