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Rashmika Mandanna Opens Up On Criticism For Dialogue Delivery In Animal

Rashmika Mandanna Opens Up On Criticism For Dialogue Delivery In Animal
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Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Animal has undoubtedly earned worldwide recognition and success. The film earned Ranbir Kapoor a Filmfare Award for Best Actor. Released in December last year, it also faced a lot of criticism for its misogynistic storyline and dialogues. 

Not only this, but the lead actress, Rashmika Mandanna, also faced backlash and became a subject of trolling for one of her dialogues. 

Rashmika indulges in an angry conversation with co-star Ranbir Kapoor’s character in a scene. Rashmika, as Geetanjali, talks to her husband in an aggravated tone. This grabbed the attention of trolls not only for her acting skills but also because the recited lines were unclear. 

The actress discussed this trolling in a conversation with Neha Dhupia on her vodcast. The 28-year-old actress recalled how everyone loved her 9-minute monologue and praised her on the sets. She further revealed that the negative responses to the scene after the trailer launch shocked her.

Source: JioTV

Meanwhile, Rashmika shared that she hates how the audience body shames the actresses; however, her case was entirely different. She was being trolled for her dialogue delivery and acting, and she wished to know what exactly went wrong during that time.

I don’t like people trolling women on their bodies.. as long as that’s not the case and they’re trolling me about my films, cinema, my face in the film when I say the dialogue… I know how the performance was. I have done the performance five months ago.


“The Karwa Chauth scene which was a nine-minute long scene and while doing the scene, people on the set loved it. They were clapping and felt it was done so well. But the trailer came out, and I was trolled so much for that one particular dialogue from the same scene,” Rashmika added.

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