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‘The Imperfects’ Cancelled By Netflix; Sci-Fi Series Not Returning For Season 2

‘The Imperfects’ Cancelled By Netflix; Sci-Fi Series Not Returning For Season 2

The Imperfects, created by Dennis Heaton and Shelley Eriksen, landed on Netflix on 8 September. And just after two months, the series is cancelled by Netflix. There is no season 2 coming for the supernatural coming-of-age, Sci-Fi series.

The story of three teenagers who got monstrous side effects after a science experiment and teamed up to find the responsible scientist and a possible cure. The series failed to attract an audience and ultimately got cancelled after just one season. The series was developed by the same production company that made Wu Assassin, The I-Land, and The Order. The Order was also cancelled after 2 seasons.

Production Status: Cancelled

Two debut shows on Netflix, The Imperfects and Partner Track were cancelled together on 8 November 2022. None of both are getting the second season. Netflix uses multiple factors to decide whether the show will be renewed or halted after a certain season. Most important among them is the number of people who finished the show. 

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On the other hand, the show was rated mediocre by the audience. The audience rated 79% on RottenTomatoes and 6.1/10 on IMDB. However, the number of ratings and reviews given is very low. Only around 1.5k reviews are given on IMDB.


The Imperfects collected 24 million watch hours in the first week of release. In the next week, the show witnessed a 45% rise and scored 35 million watch hours. From the third week, the fall of the show began with a 64% drop and the show merely gained 12 million watch hours. 

Another reason for the show’s failure is its terrible marketing. The marketing for The Imperfects was one of the worst out of all shows and debuted in 2022. Very few chunks of information were released by the production house over time. And the worst thing was the trailer and release date announcement. The release date was announced just a week before the show was due to land on Netflix.

We have seen the trio struggling for the cure. They eventually find one. Juan and Abbi decide to take it while Tilda opts not to take it. All three were disappointed with the results as the results were temporary. The biggest problem faced by all was the virus spread throughout the whole town causing chaos and damage. We can see the story moving forward if by any chance the show got renewed. 

Iñaki Godoy who played Jaun Ruiz in The Imperfects, is returning to Netflix’s One Piece in 2023.