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What are the Texas Hold’em Rules You Need to Know About

What are the Texas Hold'em Rules You Need to Know About
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There can be a minimum of two players and a maximum of eight players in Texas Hold’em. The first player is always the dealer. The game progresses clockwise around the table, with each betting round starting with the first player (the dealer) and ending with the player on the dealer’s immediate right.

There are four rounds of betting in Texas Hold’em, including when playing on online sites like Betway casino Zambia. Players perform all the actions in the betting rounds.

The first round of betting

The first betting round happens before the first three community cards are dealt. This betting round is called the Pre-Flop betting round. The player to the left of dealer is the first player to act in this betting round. This player places the small blind on the table. The small blind is a bet of a certain amount. The player on the left of the small blind player places the big blind. The amount of the big blind must be double that of the small blind.

After the small blind and the big blind have been placed, two cards are dealt with each player. Each of the two cards is hole cards meaning they are dealt face down. That player can either call, raise or fold. The betting round continues clockwise, with each player performing any of the three actions. The betting round ends with the big blind player. At the end of the round, the dealer collects all the bets and puts them in the pot.

The second round of betting

The first three comm cards are dealt with in this round of betting. Community cards are the cards placed on the table, and all the players can use them to build their poker hands. Unlike hole cards, the community cards are dealt face up. The first set of community cards dealt face up is called the Flop.

After the Flop is dealt, the second betting round begins. The player on the left is the active player (an active player is any player who is performing an act at the moment), and this round of betting begins with that player and ends with the dealer. A player may either check or bet (call or raise) or fold or go all-in in this round. If a player checks, then that player must act at the end of the round. If that happens then, the round will end with that player.

Again, the dealer collects all the bets of this round and puts them in the pot. Another round of betting follows this round.

The third betting round

The fourth community card is dealt with in the third betting round. The fourth community card is also called the Turn. This community card is also dealt face up. The first active player is the player on the dealer’s left. This round continues like the previous rounds, with the players either betting, checking, holding or going all-in.

The dealer collects all the bets at the end of this round and places them in the pot before beginning another betting round.

The final betting round

The fourth betting round is the final betting round in Texas Holdem. It begins with dealing with the fifth community card. This round progresses just like the previous round.

The showdown

There are no placing bets in this round. Here, each player must reveal the hand of two hole cards. There are five comm cards on the table, and each player will add any three of the five community cards to the two hole cards to make the best possible five-card poker hand. Every player’s hand is compared with the other players’ hands, and the best five-card hand wins the pot.

Summary of Texas Hold’em rules.

  • There are four wagering rounds in Texas Hold’em. The actions take place in these rounds.
  • There must be a minimum of 2 players. The player who acts at a particular moment is called the active player.
  • The blind bets are placed in the first round. The player on the dealer’s immediate left places the small blind bet. The player on the immediate left of that player places the big blind bet. The amount of the big blind bet must be double of the small blind.
  • Each player gets two hole cards once during the entire course of Texas Hold’em. Those cards are dealt face down.
  • There are a total of 5 comm cards. Three cards are placed on the table after the first round and the beginning of the second round. Then one card each is placed at the beginning of the third and fourth round.
  • Players make the best possible five-card with the hole cards and the community card set: three cards from the comp card set and the two cards in the player’s hand.
  • The best hand wins the pot.

Note 1

If two players in a Texas Hold’em game have the same card combination, then the high card will come into play. The card with the highest value in each hand will be compared, and whoever’s hand has the card with the higher hand value will win.


Two players have the same high-ranked hand after the showdown. Player 1 has 6,6,10,10, and Q. Player 2 has a hand that shows 6,6,10, 10 and 4. Both of the players have a Two Pair combination. Other players have hand ranks that are lower than this. Each card in Player 1’s hand is compared with the corresponding card in Player 2’s hand. Player 1 has the best hand in this scenario because of the 5th card (Queen is higher than 4). Player one is the winner.

The card that determines the winner in case of a tie is called a kicker card.

Note 2

A player will win at Texas Hold’em if all the other players have folded. It would not matter what hand that player had.

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