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What is Angel Number? Discover Its Meaning & Symbolism

What is Angel Number? Discover Its Meaning & Symbolism

Within astrology, the angel number is known as a sign to an individual about their future. In this guide, we have briefly described angel numbers and their speciality in one’s life. The article also states the significance of each numerical as an angel number and the meanings of the combinations.

Have you come across the same set of numbers several times in a day? That might be the “angel numbers”. These numbers are not fixed and can be witnessed with any numeral. For instance, you might see the same set of digits in your clock while checking the time or the paid bills in the restaurant, and in your friend’s contact phone number.

While it might sound superstitious and far-fetched, astrologers say that certain numerical patterns which are called “angel numbers” are a sign to you. In this article, we have discussed everything about the angel number, and its significance.

What Are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are the repetitive patterns of numbers which you keep seeing in your daily life randomly. Sade, an astrologer, describes angel numbers as, “Angels numbers are a string of repeating numbers like 222, 999 or numbers that have an uncanny sequence that keeps popping up around you, whether it’s the time on your phone or your oven clock,”

These numbers, which are known as signs from the universe, are a larger force which is trying to communicate with something in you. According to the astrologers, the different numbers convey different meanings.

What is the speciality of Angel Numbers?

The angel numbers are not just numbers and hold a list of significance. Noted Sade, the angel numbers are, “Even the ancient mathematician Pythagoras believed in the concept of ‘magic numbers. He noted the mystical significance of certain numbers, believing that they held special properties and had profound symbolic meanings.” This concept has lasted for generations and is now most commonly known as “angel numbers.”

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What Are The Meanings of The Angel Numbers?

While each of the angel numbers holds a significant message, the different meanings of each of the digits are,

0, Represents: Purity, Innocence, and Spiritual Awareness

If you witness a zero in your angel number, it hints you to accelerate your spiritual, yoga, and meditation practices.

1, Represents: A Fresh Start

While you are stepping into a new phase of your life you could go through the time of a soulful renewal. While things initially felt stale, you can see the world finally up again.

2, Represents: Unity

The number 2, if seen when you are spending too much time alone, can be a sign of getting along or united with people. It could also be a sign that you are a magnet, and can attract new connections.

3, Represents: The Unions of the Spiritual and the physical realms

This number, if openly spotted many times, can be an angel number that represents that your mind and heart are aligned. In such cases, an individual can follow his intuitive sense for a better outcome.

4, Represents: Rootedness

The number, Four, is the number of directions and elements. Hence, an angel number features alignment and rootedness.

5. Represents: The Number Of Change

The number, five, features the channels of your creativity and how you can bring change. Additionally, it can also signify how your life is adapting to the change.

6, Represents: The Suggestion to Look Inwards

While there is no need to fear the number, it has been given a bad reputation.

7, Represents: The Potent Number For Spiritual Growth

The number advises you to be attentive to your dreams and trust your intuition

8, Represents: The Number of Reinvention

Several symbols, including the snake and the other infinity symbols, are associated with the number 8 for their transformative nature.

9, Represents: The Completion of Cycle

The number 9, features that whether anything comes to your mind, you should go with the waves.

Common Angel Numbers and Their Significances

There are several angel numbers; however, the common ones are the ones which have a repetition of digits usually in a pattern of three or four. For instance, at the end of the mobile number, you might see 111 or when you check the time, you see 11:11. However, the most common numerical is 111 which features a fresh start and something new, 222 is the sign of serenity, and the 999 might be telling you to close the chapter of your life. Here are some of the other angel numbers:


Angel Number 0909

An acclaimed astrologer, Betty Andrews, talked about the combination and said that while Zero is a cosmic egg representing wholeness and infinite potential, nine features completion and spiritual awakening. Hence, when both of them combine, it forms a brewing cosmic.


Angel Number 1010

The state’s well-being educational site, Anahana, a sign of embracing opportunities, talks about the angel number combination. It says that 1010 features spiritual awakening and inner wisdom, guiding life purpose and potential. The combination also emphasises the association of a twin flame or soulmate.


Angel Number 1221

An angel number, the spiritual significance of 1221 is to remind individuals that the ground will always be on their feet. It says that you can always achieve what you want to, and maybe you can get something better than what you are imagining. The combination also tells you to slow down and see what is happening around your world.


Angel Number 1919

If you are repeatedly looking at this combination of numbers, it might be telling you to slow down and tune in to what is happening around you.


Angel Number 1313

The combination advises you to attend and pursue your goal. It can also be a sign of drive and passion.

Final Words

Angel numbers, as stated by astrologers and numerologists, hint at individuals for a specific goal or activity. Meanwhile, it has been reported that they are mostly caught when someone is going through an important phase. This guide lists each number’s significance as an angel number and what they are trying to say.

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