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What Is The Difference Between VPS Canada and Cloud Hosting?

What Is The Difference Between VPS Canada and Cloud Hosting?

Often, website owners get gobbled when it comes to picking between virtual private server web hosting & cloud server web hosting to host their websites. These are the two prevalent, highly cost-effective & compelling web hosting solutions in the industry, which remain in demand. 

VPS Canada comes with an independent & secure web hosting platform just as one gets under dedicated web server hosting. 

Whereas cloud web server hosting comes with a support of a network of servers to render easy scalability as well as the highest uptime. 

Via this guide, we will provide you the comprehensive insights into both these web hosting solutions in order to let you choose the best one for hosting your website. Let’s dig into the segments below & get all the details. 

About VPS Canada 

The VPS Hosting in Canada operates on the basis of virtualization technology. It enables you to let your website gain high processing power & accessibility to dedicated web resources. 

A ‘Hypervisor’ software is put into use to partition the central physical server, which eventually constructs virtual spaces that we call virtual private servers. Each virtual private server is assigned to a distinct individual with the needed dedicated web resources. 

Further, no VPS Canada gets the ability to intervene in the operations, activities & performance of any other virtual private server. 

About Cloud Hosting

Cloud is a web hosting solution that permits you to access your website at any time and from anywhere across the world. 

Your website gets replicated on every cloud web server that comes under a distinctive cluster. This enables your website to get automatically routed to another server if the current one has a high load or maximum web traffic. 

Moreover, this simultaneous allocation of equivalent dedicated resources on the cloud web servers under the cloud web hosting lets you attain high hosting reliability. Thus, cloud hosting is also recognized as the top-of-the-line website hosting solution in the market.

What is the difference between VPS Hosting Canada and Cloud Hosting?

Here is a brief comparison of the key distinctions between VPS Canada & Cloud hosting. Let’s obtain a quick glance at them!

VPS Hosting

  • You acquire a private server sharing model for hosting your website on the Canada VPS.
  • With cheap VPS hosting in Canada, you are required to pay money prior for what you wonder about your website hosting needs. 
  • The hosting as well as resource flexibility you get depends on the web host you choose to buy the suitable virtual private server hosting plan. 
  • Your VPS Canada provider may not deliver the server instant provisioning. 
  • VPS in Canada comes with an autonomous, isolated & highly secure web hosting environment. 
  • You can enable your website to access the highest & fastest performance under the support of multiple data centers according to the web hosting provider you pick.

Cloud Hosting

  • You acquire a dedicated cloud server sharing model for hosting your website on cloud web server.
  • Under cloud server web hosting plans, you get the option to pay as you go. 
  • The hosting as well as resource flexibility you get are quite high & easy with the cloud web server hosting plans.
  • You can always acquire instant provisioning of cloud web server under the managed web hosting services.
  • The privacy & security you attain for your website are dependent on the kind of cloud web hosting plan you purchase.
  • With the cloud hosting plans, your website easily gets the access to optimal performance & support from multiple data centers. 

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Which one is the Perfect choice for the Websites: VPS Canada or Cloud Hosting?

For deciding between cheap VPS Hosting Canada and cloud web server hosting, you must begin by analyzing the needs & goals of your website. Then, you can look for the benefits that you require the most for hosting your website successfully. 

For instance, with cloud hosting, you easily receive a flexible cost-pricing structure, redundant web hosting server environment, automated resource scaling, security against hardware failure, etc. 

On the other hand, to make the best usage of the hyper-scale benefits of VPS Server Canada, you must seek a dependable & renowned web host such as Serverwala data center. 

Serverwala is a world-class data center that renders top-leading best & cheapest Canadian VPS hosting plans & packages with the following incredible advantages-  

  • 99.90% Uptime network guarantee with cheap VPS in Canada
  • Advanced data security features
  • Easy customizability
  • Free SSL certificate & Softculous one-click installer
  • Canadian VPS Hosting offers full root access control
  • Automated data backup services


After going through this guide thoroughly, you must have apprehended the significance as well as the functioning of both VPS Canada & Cloud server web hosting. A cloud server web hosting facilitates you to get the support of a bunch of web servers & gain easy resource scalability. 

On the other side, in simple words, virtual private server web hosting functions as the ideal & most inexpensive alternative to dedicated server web hosting. 

As a website owner, you must assess which web hosting service can be the most worthwhile choice for hosting your website. 

Also, as cited in the previous section, you can put your trust in Serverwala Cloud Data Centers with full conviction to obtain the best VPS Hosting Canada with avant-garde web hosting services & facilities. 

The data center also gives you the possibility to attain completely managed web hosting services with your powerful virtual private server in case you do not possess enough time or expertise to run & manage your web hosting server on your own. 

You can browse right away the informational website of Serverwala to fetch more details regarding the top-notch yet cheapest plans & packages of VPS Server in Canada.

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