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Rajat Dalal Bio: Know The Influencer Who Solved Elvish Vs. Maxtern Conflict

Rajat Dalal Bio: Know The Influencer Who Solved Elvish Vs. Maxtern Conflict
Source: Rajat Dalal/IG

Rajat Dalal is an Indian powerlifter and fitness influencer who has won several awards. He has won the best lifter award, including at the World Powerlifting Congress for deadlift, the World Powerlifting Congress for Asian squat, and the WRPF. Recently, his name has been associated with controversies concerning Indian YouTube creators. In this article, we will discuss everything we know so far about the famous fitness creator Rajat Dalal.

Who is Rajat Dalal? Bio/Wiki

Rajat Dalal is a fitness influencer on social media. He has won numerous awards and competitions, making a significant impact and displaying his power and determination to all. Dalal has a huge fan following on social media, including Instagram and YouTube. He is known for making headlines with various controversies.

According to some social media posts, Dalal, along with winning the world championships for powerlifting, also won a gold medal and best lifter award in 2019 in the IHFF Sheru Classic deadlift championship organised at Pragati Maidan. 

Recently, Rajat Dalal has started to trend on social media because of his involvement in the dispute between popular YouTubers Elvish Yadav and Maxtern. Dalal seems to have become the mediator in the conflict.

Physical Appearance

Rajat Dalal’s weight, according to the powerlifting championship website, ranges between 90 kg and 95 kg. However, there is not much information about Rajat Dalal’s height, as it is not mentioned anywhere. One cannot determine how tall he is from the videos he has posted online.

Family and siblings

Despite searching the web thoroughly, not much information has been gathered about the personal life of Rajat Dalal. The YouTuber has kept his family away from the limelight of the media; thus, their names and other details about them are unknown.

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Relationships and Affairs

There is no information on Rajat Dalal’s relationship. Thus, his romantic status is unknown. 


Rajat Dalal follows Hinduism.


As per his Instagram profile, Rajat Dalal has been very successful in his fitness career. He has won several medals, including at the World Powerlifting Congress for deadlift and the World Powerlifting Congress for Asian squat. Moreover, due to his dedication to fitness and determination, Dalal has garnered a huge fan base of over 890k followers(As on march 2024) on his Instagram account. Further, on his social media, Rajat has posted various photos of the medals he has won. Some pictures also show him lifting weights, while others perfectly showcase his body fitness while he flexes it openly.

How old is Rajat Dalal?

As per our research, Rajat Dalal’s age is 27 years as of now. However, he has not mentioned or clarified it publicly.

Rajat Dalal’s net worth

There is no information on the net worth of this controversial influencer. Several reports have estimated his net worth to be $3 million; however, it is unclear as Rajat himself has not revealed the same.

Rajat Dalal controversy

Dalal has been involved in many controversies. In November 2023, he had several unwanted visitors at his house. The influencer claimed that these fake babas were pretending to be sadhus, and they came to his house with evil intentions. In a clip shared by Dalal on Instagram, he showed the three men sitting near the gate of his house.

Shockingly, the influencer slapped and stripped these men. He loses his cool when the three babas cannot even recite the Gayatri mantra or Hanuman Chalisa. Dalal then abuses the three of them and slaps them. He further asks them to tell who they really are and demands their Aadhar card. When the influencer finds out that the identities are fake, he makes three of the men slap each other.

Further, in January 2024, Dalal also got into a dispute with another powerlifter and a fitness influencer, Sourav Kumar Singh (Singha). It all started when the two of them collaborated professionally, but later, Singh made offensive remarks about Dalal. This made Rajat angry, and he went to Singha’s gym in Dehradun with several men. However, sources said that Singha fled from the location in order to save himself.

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Rajat Dalal on the Elvish vs. Maxtern fight

Elvish vs. Maxtern fight
Source: Elvish Yadav/IG

Rajat Dalal is again trending on social media for his association with the ongoing Elvish vs. Maxtern spat. Famous YouTubers Elvish Yadav and Sagar Thakur, aka Maxtern, engaged in conflict a few days ago. Just one day after Yadav thrashed Maxtern, Dalal inserted himself into the dispute. He went live on Instagram with Sagar Thakur and posted the clip on his Instagram account. Dalal can be seen saying that both YouTubers will solve the matter together. While some fans think that Rajat is doing it for self-promotion, others have appreciated his move.

Interestingly, Rajat contradicted himself by going live. He previously stated that Maxtern was playing the victim card, as he already had the camera set up before Yadav lashed at him with several other men. The conflict has been resolved now, as shared by Elvish Yadav in a new vlog.


  • The YouTuber is quite famous on Instagram and YouTube because of his fitness videos.
  • Rajat Dalal has won the WPC and the WRPF.
  • He is the world champion in powerlifting.
  • Over the last few months, he has come into the limelight because of numerous controversies.

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